On the 14th of May 2024, for the 15th time, the Hungarian Cyclists’ Club organised its Spring Bicycle Brunch and Snack programme in the framework of the Bike to Work campaign, which this year was held in more than 100 locations.

In Debrecen, in addition to the central event organised by the local branch of the Hungarian Cyclists’ Club on Piac Street from 4.00 p.m.16 companies,   organisations and the Municipality of Debrecen offered their employees a cycling breakfast and/or snack at a total of 20 locations.

Participating organisations not only represent a commitment to sustainable transport and health-conscious lifestyles for one day, but are determined to make it a core organisational value. 

EDC Debrecen has been a flag bearer of sustainable transport for years, winning the “Cyclist Friendly Workplace” award for the 5th year in a row, twice as category winner, and by winning the title enriched the company fleet with a new bicycle each time. In addition to the continuous improvement of the conditions for cycling to work, EDC has made it a priority to promote sustainable mobility not only in-house but throughout Debrecen. This is best demonstrated by the fact that for the 3rd year in a row, EDC has played a catalytic role in the organisation of the city-wide Brunch and Breakfast movement.

For years, the promotion of cycling as an environmentally friendly form of transport has been a priority programme at Teva Pharmaceuticals Ltd. In recent years, several campaigns have been successfully implemented, such as the “Get on your bike!” or “Let’s be eco-cool!” awareness-raising and environmentally friendly programmes, all of which required participants to ride their bikes. This year they also won the title of Progressive Cyclist Friendly Workplace, which is no coincidence, since an important element of the sports professional work of the Teva sports association is the building of the cycling community, the promotion of cycling, and the conducting of professional consultations with employees. In addition, a bicycle service has been installed in front of the Teva premises, which can be used by anyone.

At NI Hungary Ltd., environmental protection is of particular importance, so there is a long tradition of active and sustainable transport. Hundreds of people at the company prefer cycling, and the company has been awarded the Bike-Friendly Workplace title many times over the years. At the subsidiary in Debrecen, two modern bicycle storage facilities with nearly 200 spaces each are available to the employees, which further encourages the already popular cycling among the more than 1,400 employees of the Debrecen company.

For the first time this year, as part of the program, the company also organised a fundraiser, in which  used sports equipment and sportswear are collected for elementary school students in Hajdúbagos living in economically disadvantaged areas. The school participates in the joint program of Logiscool and the Digital Knowledge Foundation, also supported by NI, during which children can learn programming using experience-based teaching methods, thereby gaining future-proof knowledge.

Trans-Sped Ltd. has been trying to promote cycling culture among its employees for years. The location in Debrecen is easily accessible via a bicycle path, and a huge, covered bicycle storage facility meets the needs of bike-riding colleagues. Cycling, a healthy lifestyle and sustainability are an integral part of the organisational culture, which is best demonstrated by their recent Sustainable Debrecen award.

Within the framework of the LIFE IP HungAIRy project, the Municipality of Debrecen established an Eco-Management Office, which, among other things, is also responsible for raising awareness of the transport sector. As part of this activity, as in previous years, the Mayor’s Office joined the “Bike Breakfast” program and waited for employees coming to work by bicycle at the Old and New City Halls.

Building on last year’s experience, an unconventional afternoon Bicycle Picnic was held in Debrecen’s Main Square starting at 4:00 p.m. The biggest advantage of the afternoon period is that people are no longer rushing to work, so a real cycling festival atmosphere can develop, which also has the community-building effects of cycling. 

For more information on the Bike to Work movement, the benefits of cycling and the issues involved, visit https://www.bringazzamunkaba.hu

Source: EDC Debrecen

Author: Debrecen4U