E.ON Hungária Group and BMW Group Plant Debrecen signed an agreement on the solar park on Wednesday. The facility can produce the energy needs of 20,000 households in one year.

BMW Group Plant Debrecen is building a solar park on an area the size of more than 70 football pitches in cooperation with E.ON Hungary Group. Seventy-one thousand panels will be installed, partly on the roofs of buildings and partly on the ground.

“This is outstanding both in Hungary and in Europe. In Hungary, it will be the largest solar power plant built inside a factory, inside a factory site. These figures may not tell you much, but the energy produced by this unit in a year is enough to meet the energy needs of about 20,000 households,” CEO of E.ON Hungária Group Zsolt Jamniczky said. 

For BMW Group Plant, the priority is to ensure sustainability in all areas. For example, the energy required for production is supplied entirely from renewable sources, to which the solar park now under construction will also contribute.

“This is also unique in the life of the BMW Group because it is the largest solar park within the BMW Group. There is no other plant like it. Today is also important because sustainability is a central part of our lives. Inside the factory walls and outside the factory walls, of course. Sustainability is in our thinking and in our everyday culture,” President and CEO of BMW Group Plant Debrecen Hans-Peter Kemser said. 

“The investment meets the two main requirements of economic development in Debrecen, environmental awareness and sustainability,” Mayor of Debrecen László Papp said.

BMW’s plant in Debrecen is in many ways a flagship, as the construction of the solar park shows.

“It makes a major contribution to the city’s energy security. Energy security is a key issue. Overloading the networks can definitely lead to failures. In the case of the large plants that will be installed in Debrecen, having their own energy production system will clearly ease the situation of the grids, which means that security of supply will be enhanced,” Mayor László Papp emphasised.

The Mayor added that this is linked to the municipality’s intention to include geothermal energy in the renewable energy mix of industrial sites. Construction of the BMW Group Plant Debrecen solar park will start soon, and the project will be completed by the start of car production in November 2025.

Source: dehir.hu

Author: Debrecen4U