BMW Group Factory Debrecen will use neither oil nor gas. They generate a third of the energy they need from their own solar panels.

“The construction of BMW’s Debrecen plant is progressing well and has already reached its highest point, the 28-metre-high painting plant,” Hans-Peter Kemser told RTL Klub’s Morning programme. “The painting plant will be 450 metres long and 120 metres wide, and will cover a total area of 90,000 square metres, “ the Director of the BMW Group Factory Debrecen also revealed.

The programme also showed the training centre, which was opened last September, where the students of the dual training programme in Debrecen are taught and where there are samples of each of the production robots displayed.

Communications manager of BMW Group Factory Debrecen Réka Jenei said that the training centre is a kind of bridge between the factory and the local community, as a hundred students coming from the Debrecen Vocational Training Centre started their studies there in the dual training.

“Debrecen will produce the all-electric Neue Klasse cars that will debut here,” Hans-Peter Kemser confirmed but exactly which models “will be revealed soon”.

Sustainability was also discussed, the Director said that no oil or gas would be used, the entire production would be based on electricity, for which a huge solar park of more than 40 hectares would be installed.

“This is unprecedented, and a solar farm of this size is also a novelty in the life of the company. With solar panels, we can produce one third of the energy we need, and the rest we get from certified sources, making sure that our energy use is as green as possible,” Hans-Peter Kemser said.

“The car industry is also focused on protecting the environment, with recycling of materials playing an increasingly important role in the company’s life. The plant will have huge green walls covering more than 300 square metres, with no paper used on the production lines and minimal use in the office areas,” he added.

Réka Jenei said BMW Group aims to support local communities and has over 1,000 employees in Debrecen, with ongoing recruitment for 1,500. The list of current vacancies and the application form are constantly updated and can be found at https://www.bmwgroup.jobs/hu/hu.html.  

“BMW Group Hungary has been producing electric cars for 10 years, with 15% of sales being electric cars last autumn. By 2025, when Neue Klasse models roll off the production lines in Debrecen, the proportion is expected to reach 30%, and by 2030, it could reach 50%,” Head of Corporate Communications at BMW Group Hungary András Salgó pointed out.

We also learned from Reka Jenei that thousands of children are expected to visit the factory this year, to show them where and how they work.

Source: dehir.hu

Author: Debrecen4U