In addition to the Music Support Programme and Music Box (Zenedoboz), this year young people active in Debrecen’s popular music scene can also apply for the DEAL (Debrecen Art Lab) competition. The details of the applications were presented by Deputy Mayor of Debrecen István Puskás, at  VOKE Railway Cultural Center (Vasutas Művelődési Központ) on the 28th of  March 2024.

Music Support Programme

The Music Support Programme of the Municipality of Debrecen announces a call for applications for young amateur musicians.

The purpose of the application is to complement the existing national support systems and to provide financial assistance to amateur and talented musicians in Debrecen, taking into account their areas of deficiency.

In 2023, a total of 42 applications were submitted in the two categories announced at that time, of which 10 applications were supported.

You can apply in the following categories:

1. Support for the production and release of sound recordings of pop music

2. Support for the production and release of music videos for pop music

3. Support for the purchase of sound equipment by talented young musicians

The exact definition of the range of applicants is included in the call for tenders.

Application deadline: 30 April, 2024.

The call for tenders can be downloaded from http://www.debrecen.hu/hu/debreceni/osztondijak-palyazatok/.

You can only apply on the online data sheet provided at the link below: https://demki.hu/debrecenihangfoglalopont/palyazati-adatlap/

Music Box (Zenedoboz)

This year we are again announcing the Music Box competition for secondary school students in Debrecen. The Music Box is based on the fact that the Debrecen Tourist Agency can only use its container during the tourist season, so from October to April it was offered to cultural institutions for other types of functions. As a result, the idea of a competition for secondary school students in Debrecen was born, with the aim of running a musical talent point in a different secondary school in Debrecen every year. The student communities and teams will have to prepare a project plan for the whole school year (music training, rehearsal space, etc.) within the framework of the competition.

First, the idea-rich application of Csokonai Vitéz Mihály Grammar School in Debrecen won, followed by Tóth Árpád Grammar School’s  in the second year and in the 2023/2024 school year, the Music Box went to the Debrecen Fazekas Mihály Grammar School celebrating its 150th year anniversary, which provided an opportunity to discover new talents and the music-loving for students to present themselves.  The students were happy to use the Music Box, which was furnished by Rocksuli with musical instruments and sound technical equipment.

We would like to see this continue in the next school year and bring together music-loving students in another secondary school in Debrecen.

DEAL (Debrecen Art Lab)

On the initiative and on behalf of the Debrecen County Municipality, the VOKE Railway Cultural Center announces an open tender program for the support of creative young people under the age of 25 within the framework of the DEAL (Debrecen Art Lab) program in the following categories:

1. Project Space

In the DEAL Project Space sub-program, it is possible to apply for the use of two rooms of the VOKE Consensus Cultural Center dedicated exclusively for this purpose for creative, individual and/or group activities without any thematic restrictions.

The winning applicant can use the room that can be used as a workshop or creative space free of charge for a minimum of one and a maximum of six months.

2. Event Space

In the Event Space sub-program, you can apply for the free use of the ballroom of the VOKE Railway Cultural Center for the purpose of implementing programs.

For the winners of the two categories (Project Space, Event Space), the VOKE Consensus Cultural Centre provides a mentor program with development sessions organised on a monthly basis (training, workshop, study trip, project-specific consultation). The implementation period of the project starts with the conclusion of the contract.

For those interested, VOKE will hold a consultation day on the 5th of  April, 2024 between 2:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. in order to better understand the spaces and the exact circumstances of the implementation of the application.

Application submission deadline: Applications are ongoing.

Application submission method: electronically to deal@vmuvhaz.hu

Result announcement: 3 May, 2024.

3. Techno Lab

The Techno Lab sub-programme of DEAL provides an experience and training programme for electronic music (techno) producers under 25 years of age from Debrecen or studying in the city, young people interested in the genre, actively involved in it or wishing to become involved.

The German Cultural Forum – Goethe Institute, Magenta Kraft in Debrecen, Unexpected Frequencies in Debrecen and Technokunst in Budapest are the cooperating partners of the programme.

The exact programme will be announced during the summer.

The call for proposals can be downloaded from https://www.vmuvhaz.hu/deal/.

Source: debrecen.hu

Author: Debrecen4U