A strategic cooperation agreement has been signed between the Chinese company and the DSZC, which will also provide for joint training and career support programmes. Students from four of the Vocational Training Centre’s schools will be able to take part in training courses that will provide them with the latest technologies and skills.

The students studying here will soon be able to master the profession in even more modern conditions. The students of the four institutions of the Vocational Training Center in Debrecen can participate in the joint training of the centre and the battery manufacturer CATL.

First of all, they would like to address the students of the vehicle industry profession.

‘Mechanical engineering, electronics, mechatronics and IT are the fields of study that students can choose to study and then work in a highly modern technological environment,’ Chancellor of the DSZC Zsolt Tirpák  pointed out.

CATL is building its second European plant in Debrecen with a budget of around HUF 3 billion. It is planned to start trial production this year and series production in 2025. CATL’ s CEO said the company is not only supporting the careers of its employees, but is also involved in training the talent of the future. That is why they are working with the vocational training centre.

‘Our most important goal is to be able to involve the best students in the vocational training program and to give them up-to-date knowledge they need to become excellent professionals in the industry, ’ He Wei pointed out.  

‘It is in the interest of Debrecen and the country that more and more well-qualified workers find their place in the country. CATL is planning for a long term in Hungary, ’ Member of Parliament and Chairman of the Committee on Culture of the National Assembly László Pósán emphasised.

‘One thing can be said for sure that the company, the business, is fundamentally building its future on the workforce here,” he added.

The strategic cooperation agreement just signed is the first step in this joint work. CATL and the Vocational Training Centre will continue to explore areas where they can work together in the future.

Source: dehir.hu

Author: Debrecen4U