Children can learn about the wildlife in their backyard through a nature trail. The 20 stations of the trail, which will be unveiled on the 7th of May 2024 to celebrate the upcoming Birds and Trees Day, will also teach groups about trees, insects and birds. For years, the institution has placed a strong emphasis on environmental education, and in 2023 it was awarded the Green Kindergarten title for the third time.

On the occasion of the upcoming Birds and Trees Day, the Faragó Street kindergartners learned choreography and poems. The children also take care of the cleanliness and protection of their environment in their everyday lives. Sustainable development and teaching the children a green attitude are important goals for the kindergarten. They can now learn about their local environment through a nature trail.

“Our yard is very beautiful with trees and a park, and the beautiful trees attract the birds, so that’s why we thought of creating this educational trail in connection with the day of birds and trees, so that the children, parents, and visitors can get to know the trees of our kindergarten and the birds that nest here,”  Head of the Faragó Street Kindergarten Klára Ágnes Szaniszlóné said. 

In 2023, the Faragó Street Kindergarten won the Green Kindergarten title for the third time.

According to the municipal representative, it is important to start environmental education from an early age.

“If education is of the right quality and standard, as we can see,  then this also has an impact on the family, in case the natural environment is not so important for the family there,” Sándor Kiss said.

The 20 stations of the newly opened educational trail can be explored by groups of kindergarten children with the help of kindergarten teachers and their parents.

Source: debrecen.hu

Author: Debrecen4U