In honour of the 67th anniversary of the 1956 Revolution and War of Independence and the 34th anniversary of the proclamation of the Hungarian Republic, the Municipality of Debrecen will organise a commemoration and wreath-laying ceremony on Monday, the 23rd of October 2023.

8.30 a.m.: Raising of the National Flag on Kossuth Square, with military salute

9.00 a.m.: Wreath laying ceremony at the memorial plaque for the victims of the ÁVH shooting (8 Kossuth Street)

10.00 a.m.: Commemoration at the 1956 Memorial in front of the University Church (Egyetem tér 1)

  •  Ceremonial speech
  •  Wreath laying ceremony

5.00 p,.m: Lowering of the National Flag at Kossuth Square, with military salute

5.30 p,.m: Candle-lighting ceremony at the 1956 Memorial on Kossuth Street (Kossuth Street 10)

Those wishing to lay a wreath are kindly requested to send an e-mail to protokoll@debrecen.hu by the 18th of October 2023.

Source: debrecen. hu | Photo credit: Pixabay

Author: Debrecen4U