Debrecen’s cycle path network is expanding by another 4.2 km. The development was announced at a press conference held by Mayor of Debrecen László Papp and Member of the Municipality Tamás Majer on the 24th of October 2023.

“Today we have reached another very important development for the transport in the Pallag district, which will add another 4.2 km to Debrecen’s cycle path network. The cycle path network on Pallag Road up to the entrance of TEVA will be connected to the inner part of Pallag,” László Papp said.

He recalled that the tender procedure for the first stage of the Pallag cycle path was launched in August 2020. As part of this, a 657-metre-long cycle path was built from the junction of Móricz Zsigmond körút – Pallagi Road – Benczúr Gyula Street to the entrance of the pharmaceutical factory.

As he said, it is possible to talk about a coherent cycle path system.  NIF Zrt. has launched the planning procedure for the cycle path between Pallag and Bocskaikert. The Pallag cycle path will connect to the section between Bocskaikert and Debrecen-Pallag. The gross cost of building the cycle path is HUF 685 million

“The cycle path will continue for about 380 metres from the TEVA farm entrance towards Pallag, where it will join the western side of the Pallag Road and continue towards Pallag. After bypassing the roundabout on the north side, it will come to Manninger Gusztáv Street, where, taking into account the connection of the plots, it will turn to the other side and reach Szelényi Ferenc Street, which is the end point of this development,” the mayor said. 

László Papp stressed that a lot of people cycle on Pallag Road, and there is a cycling complex behind the academy, where a lot of children go. “Pallag is a part of Debrecen that has a residential, educational and sports function, so there are a lot of cyclists and a lot of children. That is why I consider it an extremely important step forward that the Pallag district can now be safely accessed by bicycle,” he underlined. He added that the programme, which is now starting, is scheduled to end around May 2024 and he is confident that neither winter nor other circumstances will play a role in preventing this deadline from being met.

Tamás Majer, the district’s municipal councillor, said that Pallag residents had been asking about the cycle path even before the summer of 2020, so it was gratifying that a section of it could be handed over in August this year. He noted that thanks to the development, Pallag can be connected to the city centre of Debrecen, which is constantly developing.

Source and photo credit: debrecen.hu

Author: Debrecen4U