Sustainable urban transport development and the emergence of new transport needs were discussed at the 19th Regional Transport Issues Conference.

In Debrecen, emissions are reduced by around 2,500 tonnes per year thanks to green innovations in public transport. With dynamic economic growth, Debrecen will also see further infrastructure developments.

In 2022, DKV had twelve new electric buses in service, In addition, a total of 89 vehicles have so far been replaced by the environmentally friendly buses with Euro 6 engines. It is calculated that this will reduce emissions by 2,500 tonnes per year.

“In many cities, electric buses characteristic of green transport are appearing, increasing the share of electric transport,” CEO of DKV Szabolcs Tóth said.

In addition to environmentally friendly, sustainable innovations, the transport system in Debrecen must also keep pace with the rapid economic development. More than HUF 4,700 billion worth of investment has been invested in the city, creating 20,000 jobs.

“The growing labour demand also means growing housing needs, so the transport system must also be continuously improved, ” Deputy Mayor of Debrecen Lajos Barcsa said.“In these years, my economic development team and I are also focusing on getting as many housing projects started in the city as possible. Whether new housing developments appear in greenfield or brownfield areas, this will also generate new traffic needs, ” he pointed out.

Bus access to the southern and northern economic zones is already in operation, but a fixed-track railway will also support the travel. In addition to all this, the strengthening of the main roads, the construction of the planned tram line 3, bicycle transport and the infrastructural development of the airport also play a prominent role in Debrecen.

“Years ago, the government said that access to industrial technology centres and the development of their districts was extremely important. The development of transport in Debrecen is a priority for the country,”Head of Department of the Ministry of Construction and Transport Zsolt Thoroczkay said.

17 speakers took part in the two-day conference, addressing topical issues in regional transport.


Author: Debrecen4U