Information on the large-scale road rehabilitation works on Hun Street in Debrecen.

The drinking water and sewage pipeline reconstruction works of Hun street were completed at the end of 2023 in the investment of Debreceni Vízmű PLC. During the development, 430 metres of new drinking water mains were laid, 480 metres of sewage mains were renovated with lining technology and new drinking water and sewage connection lines were built to the properties.

In the framework of the Debrecen 2030 programme, the large-scale resurfacing of Hun Street started on the 25th of  March 2024. In order to keep the traffic flowing in cross-direction, the connecting streets were not closed, so the contractor has so far only been able to complete the construction of the closed stormwater drainage system in sections. This, together with the high groundwater level, has led to the construction taking longer than originally planned. 

The Hun Street work area can be divided into three sections:

I.: the section between Mikepércsi Road and Áchim András Street

II.: the section between Áchim András Street and Kerekes Ferenc Street

III.: the section between Kerekes Ferenc Street and Szávay  Gyula Street

The stormwater drainage system was first completed on Section I, then work continued on Section II, while in parallel the rehabilitation of the sewer trail on Section I and the road reconstruction work started. This will be completed between the 24th and the 26th of June 2024 with the levelling of the existing manhole covers, followed by asphalt works.

After the finishing works, on the afternoon of 28th of June, the traffic restrictions currently in force on Mikepércsi Road will be lifted, so Hun Street will become a dead end, but accessible again from the direction of highway 47. However, the passage will still not be ensured at the Hun Street – Áchim András Street  junction.

Curbing works are expected on Section II between the 24th  and the 26th of June, and roadbed works on the 28th of June. In view of the time required for the road base bonding and aftercare, the asphalt bonding layer will be laid on the 3rd of July, followed by the levelling of the existing utility installations on the 4th and the 5th of July. It is expected that the asphalt wearing course will be laid on the 9th of July. Once the works are completed, the temporary traffic restrictions will be lifted between the 15th  and the 17th of July and the section between Áchim András Street and Kerekes Ferenc Street will be reopened to traffic as a dead-end street. At the same time, the junction of Áchim András Street will be reopened.

In Section III, the time and extent of groundwater level reduction can be estimated from the water yields experienced in Sections  I and II.

The works in Section III are as follows:

The construction of the stormwater drainage system can begin after Debrecen Waterworks PLC has completed the lining of the sewage line operating on the section and the high groundwater level is reduced. To this end, the contractor will install vacuum wells between the 24th and the 26th of June, and the drainage can be completed by the 3rd of July. The closed stormwater drainage system can be constructed by the 2nd of August, then the groundwater will be released until the 12th of August, which will be followed by the collection of the vacuum wells. Road construction works on this section are scheduled to start on the 14th of  August and are expected to be completed by the 14th of September.

During the construction period, temporary traffic restrictions should be expected on the affected road section, so we ask drivers not to drive out of habit, but in accordance with the posted temporary road signs!


Author: Debrecen4U