Danish Company Opens Aircraft Structural Components Maintenance Plant in Debrecen

2023.03.29. | Economy & Development, Investment & Innovation, News

Skyways Technics will hire at least ten employees at its Debrecen site from June 2023.

Skyways Technics, an aircraft maintenance company operating in several countries, is to open a maintenance facility in Debrecen, mainly to repair aircraft structural components.

The Danish-based company’s new site will be located in Debrecen’s Daniella Industrial Park. The chosen location is not far from the Debrecen International Airport and city centre, and there is also a motorway slip road nearby.

The company will recruit at least ten workers in Debrecen from June 2023 for jobs related to the repair of aircraft composite and metal structural components.

Among the aerospace companies already present in Debrecen are Diehl and Oerlikon.

Source: dehir.hu

Author: Debrecen4U