More than 11,300 students started the academic year in the institutions of the Debrecen Vocational Training Centre (DSZC).

Every year, more and more people choose vocational training, and the centre has taken over two new dormitories. Mayor of Debrecen László Papp said that the aim is for students to find jobs here. The mayor said that Debrecen does not envisage developing its economy with guest workers. This can only be achieved if students trained by the DSZC form the backbone of the labour market.

Students also take part in a laboratory exercise at the Debrecen Vocational Training Centre’s Chemical Engineering Technical Centre. 11 institutions rang the bell on Friday. Zita Szabó is 20 years old and has long known that this is the field she wanted to study. She said she had always been interested in chemistry and thought it was a good opportunity to get a free qualification that would allow her to find a job later, probably as a food engineer.

In 2015, the centre had seven and a half thousand students; this academic year, it has more than 11,300. Mayor László Papp said that Debrecen’s economy had the highest growth in Hungary and even in Central Europe. The city is able to provide job opportunities for students in various fields. 

“Debrecen does not envisage the development and growth of its economy with guest workers. Guest workers, if they help out and are here temporarily in the city, are a temporary solution. Organic development in Debrecen can only really be imagined if students trained by the Debrecen Vocational Training Centre form the backbone of the labour market,” the mayor stressed. 

The DSZC offers training in 18 sectors: candidates can choose from 23 technical and 25 vocational school courses.

Through the careers office, students can get involved in the market while they are still studying. Career guidance programmes will be further strengthened this year.  “A key element in the renewal of our content is our dormitory programme. We will start the new academic year by taking over two new dormitories from the school district. We believe that the dormitory is not a hotel; the dormitory is an educational space,” Zsolt Tirpák, Chancellor of the DSZC, emphasised. The most popular fields now are engineering and automotive engineering, as well as IT and telecommunications. The DSZC is in contact with around 100 companies.

“This is what dual training is all about, and what is unique and truly exemplary for Debrecen is the type of scholarship scheme that has already been developed with partner institutions and which I hope will be even more extensive in the future. This is just to mention the scholarship opportunities offered by BMW,” MP László Pósán, pointed out.

In the vocational training system, it is still possible to take a school-leaving certificate and, from there, to enter higher education institutions.

Source and photo credit: debrecen.hu

Author: Debrecen4U