Debrecen’s 2024 budget has been adopted with a balance sheet total of HUF 230.9 billion and a total investment budget of nearly HUF 100 billion.

The 2024 budget of Debrecen was approved by the city’s assembly on Thursday. 

The main figures and objectives of the draft budget were presented by László Papp on the 9th of February. As is customary every year, after the Mayor, the sections of the budget were presented by the deputy mayors responsible for the areas concerned. First, Lajos Barcsa gave details of the municipality’s financial management, public education, sport and renovation tasks. He was followed by István Puskás, Deputy Mayor for Cultural Affairs, Ákos Balázs, Deputy Mayor for Environmental Affairs and Urban Management, and Diána Széles, Deputy Mayor for Welfare Policy, Civil Relations, Youth, Health and Tourism.

By decision of the General Assembly Debrecen has the largest budget of any rural city this year, with a 27% increase on last year, with a balance sheet total of almost HUF 231 billion.

Local tax revenues of almost HUF 38 billion, including business tax of HUF 34.5 billion, have increased by 18 percent, more than doubling in 5 years.The investment budget is almost 100 billion, almost twice as much as last year.

In addition to the 88.6 percent increase in the investment budget, the city is spending much more on the development of the perimeter areas (HUF 7.9 billion, a 60 percent increase compared to last year) and green space (HUF 5.1 billion, a 25.2 percent increase).

The draft budget gives priority to environmental protection and sustainability, while the draft budget also allocates more than HUF 9 billion to transport safety and transport development programmes, and may also include HUF 28.5 billion in public funding. 6.28 billion for cultural institutions.

Source: dehir.hu

Author: Debrecen4U