We are shaping the Debrecen of the future so that the city remains unmistakably Debrecen, the deputy mayor Ákos Balázs said at the conference entitled Debrecen, the Green Guardian City. 

He stressed that “we can be proud of our local identity and traditions” and that “we are shaping the future of Debrecen so that the city remains unmistakably Debrecen”.

He said that sustainability and green issues must be mainstreamed in all aspects of life to achieve these goals. “If nature conservation: Civaqua. If mobility, then electric buses are powered by green energy. If you are an economist, then green industry and green energy storage.”

The deputy mayor recalled that Debrecen has proven on several occasions in its history that it is a guardian city, looking after important national and urban values and citizens. In every era, it relies on local knowledge and a high degree of cooperation. “These are the unwritten basic laws of the city”,  Ákos Balázs concluded. 

He also pointed out that it is in this spirit that they have forged closer cooperation with the University of Debrecen and are working together on the Environmental Control System and the city’s environmental programme.

According to Ákos Balázs, the Civaqua programme also symbolises the fact that “dreams come true in Debrecen”.

He said that Debrecen’s green policy is not ideological or party-based. As he said, the city’s predecessors greatly influenced Debrecen’s natural and environmental values. In 1807, Sámuel Diószegi and Mihály Fazekas created the Hungarian Herbarium; in 1939, the Great Forest was registered as a protected natural site with the number 1, and in 1973, the former estate of Debrecen, the Hortobágy, became the first national park!

“Our green approach is hereditary – generations have passed it on, so the Civaqua programme was important to our predecessors and to us. It’s what we were given as a sign of the way. It’s our values; it lives in us. That is why we must underline that Debrecen is a green city of guardians”, he concluded.

Source: dehir.hu | Photo credit: Facebook (Balázs Ákos)

Author: Debrecen4U