Five Hungarian municipalities, Barnag, Debrecen, Kecskemét, Újpest and Vác have won the ClimateStar 2024 award of the Hungarian Climate Protection Association.

The awards were presented to representatives of local authorities and organisations involved in the management of green spaces at a professional programme organised in the framework of the National Meeting of Green NGOs in the Teleki-Tisza Castle in Nagykovácsi on the 24th of  May 2024.

Debrecen deserved the recognition for its initiative to designate an area in a garden housing zone on the outskirts of the city, along the embankment of Kondoros stream, where the number of mowings was reduced, leaving space for the wildflowers of the grassland community to increase local biodiversity.  In addition, in another section  a wildflower plot has also been created along Kondoros stream.

Chief Gardener András Kuhn  accepted the award on behalf of the City of Debrecen.

The complete press material of the Hungarian Climate Protection Association can be read here:


Source: debrecen.hu

Author: Debrecen4U