This year, Debreceness will be at the heart of the reimagined Debrecen Spring Festival. In connection with the city’s day, the artistic content created here will be highlighted. From the 4th to the 19th of  April, the festival is set to feature even more programmes and performers than before.

Maria de Buenos Aires, rehearsals for the tango opera have already begun at the Csokonai National Theatre. There have already been attempts in the form of a concert, but Astor Piazzolla’s masterpiece has not yet made its debut in Hungary. 

“The audience can thus expect a premiere at the Debrecen Spring Festival. “I am confident that it will be a real treat, a real speciality, not only for the Spring Festival, but also for this season, and I hope that it will be a constant in our repertoire in the coming years,”  Artistic Director of the Csokonai Theatre István K. Szabó said.

The KFT band will also show their new side at the Spring Festival. This time they will perform their best-known songs in completely new arrangements with invited guests. “The audience will not hear jazz arrangements, but KFT songs in a completely different way than before. With the exception of probably a few concerts, the way we play them this year, we won’t present any more,” musician András Márton pointed out.

The festival, which in its old, classic form was last open to the public in 2020, will focus on the anniversary bands, the opportunity to meet new ones and the Debrecen identity. The organisers have reconsidered the whole concept of this year’s event.

“A large, 2-3 week festival series linked to the Debrecen City Day, in which the cultural institutions of Debrecen as well as the NGOs and dance groups of Debrecen take part, all those who feel that with the coming of spring life is starting to get going,” Programme Director of the Főnix Event Organising Nonprofit Ltd. Tibor Korponai said.

With Made in Debrecen starting next Saturday, the spring events in the city are gathering momentum. The local government plans to offer an even richer range of events and participants than in previous years. “Almost day by day, week by week, we will have more and more exciting programmes from the most diverse areas of culture, with a strong focus on festival-style thematic and focused events. Such is the Spring Festival, and in parallel, and partly overlapping, the Poetry Festival,”   Deputy Mayor  István Puskás said.

The Debrecen Spring Festival is open to the public between the 4th  and the 19th of  April. More information can be found on the festival’s website and Facebook page.

Source: debrecen.hu

Author: Debrecen4U