After the briefing in Budapest, the delegates visited the venues of next year’s European University Games (EUG) in Miskolc and Debrecen, with a special focus on the University Square, the venue of the 3×3 basketball tournament, which will also host the European University Championships from 15th-19th July.

The University of Debrecen, the City of Debrecen, the City Miskolc and the University of Miskolc will jointly host the European University Games. The EUSA event is the largest university multi-sport event in the world, where more than 4000 athletes will compete.

The University of Debrecen hosted EUSA experts representing the seven EUG sports (football, futsal, handball, beach handball, 3×3 basketball, badminton, and table tennis), who will also be responsible for next year’s Games. The delegates were welcomed by András Becsky, Managing Director of the Debrecen Sportcentrum and Katalin Varga, Event Coordinator of the University of Debrecen.

“The delegation members toured the university and city sports venues, and the EUSA office also visited the catering, accommodation, accreditation and technical meeting venues. At the end of the day, we received a very good evaluation; overall, we are in a good position, and preparations for the 2024 Games are well underway,” Katalin Varga, Event Coordinator of the University of Debrecen said.

According to László Végh, a specialist from the Hungarian University and College Sports Association and Project Manager of EUG 2024, the most important event of the last period was the finalisation of the sports programme, which was approved by the EUSA in Split. All the functional things to do, organising accommodation, meals and transfers, are built around this. This two-day meeting was also focused on this so that, together with the site visits, the EUSA sports delegates could see how the preparations are going at each of the venues where the sports will be held. What is already available, and what needs to be done. The delegates were unanimous in their great impressions of the University of Debrecen,.

The meeting in Debrecen was also attended by Jeanine Tjin-A-Sioe, EUSA’s 3×3 basketball sports coordinator, who is making her last official visit to the city ahead of the European 3×3 University Basketball Championships, which will start on 15th July.

Based on the entries, 17 women’s teams and 23 men’s teams from all over Europe will compete in the 3×3 Basketball European Championships. The organisers expect around 300 athletes, coaches and supporters to attend the tournament, which starts in just over a month at the University of Debrecen’s main campus.

Source: dehir.hu |Photo credit: dehir.hu (unideb.hu)

Author: Debrecen4U