Customers can now use the ZNET Telekom optical network to access the internet at up to 1,000 Mbps, which means higher quality internet for both residential and business customers. The fibre network was delivered in June, so residential and business connections are already ongoing.

How is fibre internet different?

ZNET’s fastest internet service is available in the municipalities covered by the optical network. The gigabit speeds available give you unlimited possibilities for whatever you want to use the internet for. If you work with large files, play online games frequently, use backup or simply have a large number of people in the family surfing the internet at the same time, you will experience a significant difference in quality when you use an optical internet service.

Digital TV service is now available. Watching TV on the ZNET Telekom network is also easy. More than 80 channels, a single remote control and easy installation. With this service you can enjoy your favourite shows without any interruptions. Click on the link here for the full channel list.

Where is ZNET’s optical network available?

ZNET has built a network footprint in areas where internet service was previously unavailable or of poor quality. It covers about 260 km of the following municipalities:

Ondód, Nagymacs, parts of Józsa, Harsteinkert, Biczókert, Bayk András garden, parts of the Northern area, such as Nagycsere, Haláp, Tócoskert, Acsádi Roadti zártkert, Olimpia fasor, Bánk, as well as certain areas of the city, such as Huszti residential park, Veres Péter Street, Kurucz Street, Mátyás Király Street, Gáspár György Garden, Bee Land, Honvéd Street, Csap Street, Acsádi Street, Zúzmara Street, Kishegyesi Street, Lóskuti Street, Határ Street, Harsona Street, Hokololi kert.

The roll-out of the optical internet service covers nearly 16,000 households.

If you don’t see your home listed, but your local community would like to see fibre rolled out to your street, please email ZNET’s customer service at ugyfelszolgalat@zt.hu. 

How to order optical Internet service?

You can easily check if optical internet and digital TV services are available in your area. On https://www.zt.hu/lakossagi/szolgaltatasok, you can see which services are available by entering your exact address. You can also place your order online or by calling 1277.

Source and photo credit: debrecen.hu

Author: Debrecen4U