Environmental impact studies are being prepared for the western ring road and the road linking the M35 motorway and the main road No 35.

The Municipality of Debrecen and the Municipality of Hajdú-Bihar County have announced the results of two tenders for preparing environmental impact assessments, which will be prepared under the Strategic and Project Preparation in Hajdú-Bihar County program for the EU planning period 2021-27.

According to the results notice published in the Official Journal of the European Union, one of the environmental impact assessments will be carried out for the road linking the M35 motorway and the main road No 35. 

The proposed route is to the north of Debrecen-Józsa, the starting section would be the Józsa access road in the planning documentation, and the final section of the route is Március 15. Street, which is already designated as a long-term development area.

As is known, a new junction has been built on the M35 motorway at Józsa, which motorists cannot use for the time being, but will only be able to use once the road to the North-Western Economic Belt, which houses the BMW factory, has been built on one side, and the road to Józsa and the 35 motorway on the other side has been completed.

The other impact study will cover the route of the so-called western ring road, which, according to the tender documents, could be Main road 354 – Debrecen Domokos Márton Road – Kishatár Street – new section – Határ Road – Sárga dűlő – Airport Southern route.

The New Local Building Regulations of the Municipality of Debrecen, which entered into force on 1st February 2021, also designate this as a 14-meter-wide long-distance development.

Source: dehir.hu

Author: Debrecen4U