In Debrecen, AKSD Ltd.  has started distributing brown bins and 5-litre plastic containers for the separate collection of kitchen green and food waste. In Debrecen, the door-to-door collection of bio-waste begins at a total of 800 collection points in the so-called small condominium zones. Electricity is eventually produced from kitchen waste.

In Debrecen, 20 thousand people are affected by the measure. AKSD will collect kitchen waste from 800 collection points.

What can and cannot be selectively collected are also indicated on the side of the containers.

The brown collection containers are fitted with a rubber seal to ensure an airtight seal. Debrecen is one of 14 municipalities in the country to be the first to introduce door-to-door collection of bio-waste.

The brown bins are emptied once a week, and twice in the summer. The first collection day in Debrecen will be on Monday, the 18th of March. Green electricity is eventually produced from kitchen food waste.


Author: Debrecen4U