The distribution of LED bulbs started on the 15th of April 2024 as part of one of our city’s largest residential energy-saving programmes.

The successful applicants could receive their personalised packages from local government representatives Zoltán Piros, Ibolya Aurélia Orosz, András Varga, Attila Csaholczi, Levente Fodor and Sándor Kiss at Kölcsey Centre.

As Zoltán Piros said Debrecen is a green city, and this is not just a simple label, but also a good practical package of programmes with many, many elements. One of them is the distribution of energy-saving LED bulbs, which started in Debrecen in 2023. 

At the time, 6,000 families replaced the traditional light bulbs in their homes with modern LED bulbs under this programme.

“Thanks to this modernisation, in 2023 the families of Debrecen could save a total of about HUF 250 million, and 1,140 tons less carbon dioxide was released into the air. In 2024, 2000 families joined the programme. Other elements of the good practice programme include renewing public transport, replacing older diesel buses with more modern or electric ones, replacing traditional street lights with LED lights, a tree planting programme and collecting used cooking oil. It is very important that with all these measures the municipality is shifting the mindset of the citizens of the city towards sustainability,” he stressed. He emphasised that the local government would like to see a common thinking among the citizens of the city on green and environmentally conscious issues, and to deepen the idea that “the Earth is not inherited from our grandfathers, but borrowed from our children and grandchildren.”

The distribution of LED bulbs to successful applicants will continue this week, and additional days will be available at the end of the month for those who for some reason could not receive the bulbs on the day assigned to them.

Source: debrecen.hu

Author: Debrecen4U