Step into the vibrant world of contemporary art at the MODEM Modern and Contemporary Art Center, where three captivating exhibitions invite you to explore diverse themes and artistic expressions.

Answers Without Questions 

09 May – 07 July, 2024

Kristóf József Balogh, a visual artist from Debrecen now based in Budapest, is holding his first institutional solo exhibition at the newly opened Project Space of the MODEM Modern and Contemporary Art Center. Balogh’s work, featuring screenshots of mysterious incidents, creates a diverse visual collection that merges cartoon characters, animals, and human figures. This unique blend invites viewers to explore themes of fluid identity and abstract storytelling, encouraging personal interpretation and direct reactions.  Curated by Gábor Török Krisztián, the exhibition is part of the 1st Debrecen Art Week, a city-wide celebration of art and culture that aims to promote local artists and engage the community in artistic activities.


19 April – 02 November, 2024

“Books are in eternal conversation with each other across time and space. They can’t help but talk to each other.” – Péter Esterházy: From the beautiful life of words, 2003

The MODEM Modern and Contemporary Art Center’s new exhibition, closely tied to a 2023 tender for young curators, is a result of a competition that invited young curators to propose innovative exhibition concepts. The winning concept, Makropædia by Gergő Kincses and Veronika Zachar, presents period documents and contemporary art to examine how books have influenced science and education and how book heritage can be preserved in the digital age. This collaborative exhibition with the Debrecen Reformed College Museum and Library showcases works from both historical and contemporary artists.

What year are you?

30 March – 31 December, 2024

“Do we understand each other with half words!?”

The new public collection exhibition, with around 50 different artists presented from the founders to Generation Z, marked a new chapter for MODEM.

The curators of the exhibition have chosen artists who have shaped MODEM’s image over the years, showcasing works from a collection that has evolved over 18 years, incorporating collections, acquisitions, Debrecen International Artists’ Colony results, and artist donations. Drawing on the insights of generational theory, each section is arranged according to the artist’s year of birth rather than according to the aesthetic, art theoretical or art historical categories they represent or can be associated with their work.

Whether you’re a seasoned art enthusiast or a curious newcomer, MODEM’s current exhibitions promise an enriching and immersive experience. We welcome all to explore and engage with contemporary art in their own unique way.

Author: Julia