The results of the “Clinging Together” (in Hungarian: Egymásba kapaszkodva) digital photo competition have been announced. 

The exhibition at 70-72 Piac Street presents the doorknobs and history of the townhouses.  83 photos were submitted for the exhibition, of which the best five were awarded prizes.

The Cívis House Zrt., in cooperation with the Debrecen City Protection and Beautification Association, has already announced its new photo competition, which aims to raise young people’s awareness of the values of Debrecen’s built heritage. This time, the theme will be sculptures of local houses.

“Around 30 per cent of local houses have statues of buildings because they are the decorative elements of the apartment buildings, so it’s an exciting game, and behind a statue of a building, there is a story, a history, or a myth. It is an exciting step forward in this respect,” Edit Erdei, CEO of Cívis Ház Zrt, pointed out.

The best five artists – Tímea Békési, Petra Polonkai, Bálint Schuszter, Panna Szabó and László Szolnoki – who made creative adaptations of local houses in the city centre received certificates.

Source: debrecen.hu |Photo credit: János Miskolczi

Author: Debrecen4U