While exploring Debrecen on foot is undeniably delightful, why not elevate your experience and discover the city on two wheels

Debrecen is a cool and fun city to explore by bike. By investing in cycling infrastructure, the city is becoming more cyclist-friendly. I have put together some of the best cycle routes in and around the city. Some of them are particularly family-friendly, with cycle lanes integrated into pavements to provide a safe and comfortable cycling experience. Happy cycling!

Cycling Itineraries in the Surrounding Area of Debrecen

This itinerary takes you across the picturesque Erdőspuszták to Panoráma Road, offering stunning views of woodlands, meadows, reeds, and lakes. Along the way, you’ll encounter notable landmarks such as the Erdőspuszta Exhibit House, the Arboretum Látó-hill sightseeing tower, and Devil’s Trench (“Ördögárok”), a remnant of an ancient entrenchment system. Continue along the itinerary until you reach a fork at Panoráma Road near Lake Vekeri. Take a left turn and follow the path until you reach Vámospércsi Road. After crossing the road, follow the bike trail towards Panoráma Restaurant, eventually leading you back to Debrecen.

Distance (round trip): 30 km

Duration: 2 hours 40 minutes

Debrecen – Martinka – Haláp – Hármashegy Recreation Center

The tour leads to the popular recreation area of Hármashegy (literally translating to “three hills”), named after the sand dunes sculpted by the wind, affectionately dubbed “mountains” (hegy) by locals. This scenic spot boasts meadows, woodlands, a sightseeing tower, a buffet, and a playground. Serving as the terminus for the Zsuzsi Narrow-Gauge Railway, formerly utilized for logging, now repurposed for tourism.

To embark on this journey, exit the city in the direction of Martinka. Follow minor roads leading up to Martinka, then continue along a dirt road toward Haláp. Beyond Haláp Inn, continue pedaling toward the Hármashegyalja recreation area. The return journey can be completed via the same route, either by bike or aboard the narrow-gauge railway.

Distance: 21 km (round trip: 21 km)

Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes (one way)

Debrecen – Hajdúsámson (Line Tour; Bicycle + Railway)

Embark on a journey across Erdőspuszták and the Forests of Gút, where you’ll encounter a rich tapestry of historical and cultural landmarks. Highlights include the local History Museum with its impressive iron stove collection in Nyíradony, and the late Romanesque – early Gothic wooden-tower church dating back to the age of the Árpáds in the Forests of Gút. Additionally, don’t miss the memorial stop of the Zsuzsi Narrow-Gauge Railway in Nyíracsád, featuring a church from the Árpádian era and a charming wooden bell tower, as well as the Mill Gallery.

To begin your journey, exit Debrecen via minor roads leading towards Sámsoni Street, then follow the designated bike trail until you reach Hajdúsámson. From there, traverse minor roads to Nyíradony, Nyíracsád, Nyírmártonfalva, and Vámospércs. Throughout the itinerary, you’ll be enveloped in a tranquil forest environment.

Cyclists are advised to return to Debrecen by train to avoid heavy traffic on Route 48.

Distance: 55 km (return trip: 20 km)

Duration: 3 hours

Hortobágy (Railway + Bicycle)

Hortobágy National Park holds international recognition as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, boasting the renowned Nature Trail of the Hortobágy Great Fishponds, a wetland of significant importance for birdlife.

To optimize your experience, we recommend taking the train via the Debrecen-Füzesabony line rather than cycling the entire distance to Hortobágy. 

From the train station, you can easily cycle the 10 km nature trail, immersing yourself in the natural beauty and biodiversity of this remarkable landscape.

Lake Tisza with EuroVello Bike Road 11 (Railway + Bicycle)

The bike road runs along Hungary’s second-largest river, the Tisza, and connects to its expansive counterpart, Lake Tisza.

Cycling infrastructure around the lake continues to improve, enhancing the cycling experience year by year. Following the completion of the bicycle path section and bicycle bridge in 2020, this circular route has emerged as one of Hungary’s finest and safest bicycle paths. Its flat terrain makes it accessible even for beginner cyclists.

Before setting off from Poroszló, a visit to the Lake Tisza Eco-Center is highly recommended. Here, you can marvel at the largest freshwater aquarium in Central Europe, boasting a total volume of 730,000 liters, and observe native fish species up close.

Near the Ökocentrum, you’ll seamlessly transition onto the bike path encircling Lake Tisza, marked by new bike bridges inaugurated in 2020. The 6.5-kilometer bridge system offers designated observation and photo spots strategically placed along the route.

Upon crossing the final flushing channel bridge into Tiszafüred, the bike path veers right towards the Lake Tisza Cycling Center, an excellent starting point for those arriving by car and seeking bike rentals onsite.

Continuing onwards, the route meanders past camping and fishing areas, as well as an expansive open beach. Consider taking a break at Szabics Port near Tiszaörvény, offering a convenient stopover. From here, embark on a boat journey to the opposite island, where you can explore the Old Pákász/Tiszavirág nature trail.

Resuming your journey, anticipate a stretch of tranquil yet captivating kilometers along the Lake Tisza bike route. Despite its apparent calmness, the ride remains far from mundane, with occasional sightings of small and large wild animals darting across the dam, amidst the sheer natural beauty of the surroundings.

The cycle path continues with sweeping turns until Abádszalók, where you can roll onto the largest beach of Lake Tisza and try various water sports.

With campsites and lodgings scattered along the route, you can easily extend your bike trip for an unforgettable experience.

If you’re a seasoned adventurer craving adrenaline-pumping trails, consider visiting Dese Extrém Sport Akadémia Debrecen, located at 5 Oláh Gábor Street, Debrecen Sport Center.

Alternatively, you can explore VeloPark Debrecen 

(https://www.veloparkdebrecen.hu/) in the Pallag district, near the International School of Debrecen. This facility boasts a high-quality asphalt flat circular track, a country road training circuit, a BMX Cross track, a Cyclocross/Mountain Bike Course (XCO), and a teaching track.

Train Information – Bikes

Bicycles can be transported by train within Hungary for a small surcharge on routes marked with a bicycle icon on the timetable. Carriage of bicycles is also indicated by a similar icon, with bikes accommodated in spaces at the end of each carriage. Requests for the transport of large numbers of bicycles should be made at least one week prior to departure.

For long-distance travel, you might consider E-bike rental. Jóbringa.hu offers bike shop and service facilities at 153 Böszörményi út, Debrecen 4032. 

Contact them at www.jobringa.hu or call +36 20 255-2750.

So grab your bike, map out your route, and embark on an unforgettable biking adventure in Debrecen. 

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