On Saturday, families were welcomed with colourful programmes and delicious snacks in Fényesudvar. Many people attended the spring family event, which was also attended by Fidesz-KDNP municipal representative candidates. József Hetei and Sándor Nagy spoke about how the district had been completely renewed in recent years.

Face painting, balloon clowns and delicious snacks, pancakes, popcorn and cotton candy awaited families at the event held in Fényesudvar. The family day of one of the city’s oldest housing estates was organised in the spirit of community building and community formation.

“I work in a school, and there I think it is very important that the student community and the teaching community are together and meet each other. And I think the same about the community of the city and a part of the city. Let’s be together, talk, meet each other, discuss our common problems and joys, and last but not least, let’s have a good time here, this morning,” municipal representative candidate József Hetei said.

Municipal representative candidate Sándor Nagy emphasised at the event that a number of important developments had been implemented in his district in recent years.  The results of which can now be enjoyed by the residents here.

“We had to wait a long time for the small market, thank God it turned out very nice. The park, the playground, the fitness park could be renewed with it. New parking spaces have now been created”. Sándor Nagy pointed out that the flower market, Dósa Nádor Square  and Ady park had been renewed in the city centre.

It was also announced at the event that the water tower in the district was planned to be renovated within a few years.


Author: Debrecen4U