Preparatory negotiations have started with Wizz Air, among other operators, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Levente Magyar said.

As a reason for expanding the air service, the deputy minister pointed out that the direction of working capital flows has changed significantly. The vast majority of investment now comes from the Far East rather than the West, he said.

The consequences of this must also be felt in the aviation sector, which must be prepared to perform its tasks to the appropriate level. This is particularly the case in Debrecen, which has already attracted working capital of the order of 10 percent of Hungary’s GDP. Far Eastern companies have already been strongly represented in the investor community, and the arrival of China’s CATL, which holds 35 percent of the world’s electric battery market, will clearly demonstrate the predominance of East Asian capital in Debrecen and its region.

Semcorp, a manufacturer of battery cell separator films, is already building a factory in Debrecen, while CATL announced it will invest more than EUR 7 billion in its Debrecen manufacturing base.

South Korea’s EcoPro is also planning to set up a cathode factory in Debrecen with an investment of HUF 264 billion, while Chinese-owned Halms Hungary Kft. will also have a plant in Debrecen.

Source: dehir.hu

Author: Debrecen4U