Five institutions of the Vocational Training Center in Debrecen (DSZC) were included among the best vocational training schools in the country. Based on the results of the students there, the Bethlen Gábor Technical School of Economics is listed among the top ten. In addition, four more DSZC institutions are listed in the recent TOP 100 Technikum ranking of the National Vocational and Adult Education Office.

DSZC Bethlen Gábor  Technical School of Economics is the seventh in the top list of technical schools in Hungary. The Mechwart Engineering and IT Technical School is the  21st, the Chemical Technical School  is the 24th, the Brassai Technical School is the 55th, and the Péchy Mihály Construction Industry Technical School is also among the hundred best. 

‘The technical schools were ranked based on academic results, competence measurements and the digital equipment of the institutions,’ said the director general of the DSZC, Sándor Szilágyi explaining the results of the top list in Debrecen.

‘These technical schools educate professions and sectors that meet the needs of the economic environment and fulfil this task at an appropriate level and standard,’ Sándor Szilágyi pointed out.

‘The success of the five technical schools in Debrecen in the TOP 100 ranking of technical schools clearly shows that the renewed vocational education and corporate cooperation in Debrecen is exemplary. In the field of vocational training, institutions in Debrecen perform better in their interior than high schools in public education, ‘ László Pósán, the chairman of the Cultural Committee of the Parliament emphasised.

‘A technological environment has been created in Debrecen in which trained professionals play a key role,’ said Zsolt Tirpák. The chancellor of the Debrecen Vocational Training Center added that the DSZC had already established cooperation and dual training with more than 250 companies, which would continue the development of the institutions this year with significant investments.

In the next few days, for example, 200 million forints worth of IT equipment development will be launched in DSZC institutions.

‘We hope that the year 2024 will be the construction period for the construction of the Mechwart, Brassai, Beregszászi and Mechwart Dormitory, but in the meantime,  the comprehensive maintenance program of our four institutions, Bethlen Gábor Technical School of Economics, Creative Technology School,  Chemical Technical School and Construction Technology and Technical Vocational School  will start in February at a cost of HUF 130 million,’ Zsolt Tirpák added.

The Vocational Training Center in Debrecen draws the attention of the eighth graders that they can submit their application to the selected secondary school until the 21st of February. In the institutions of DSZC, students preparing for secondary school can choose from a total of 72 professions.

Source: Dehir

Author: Debrecen4U