On the 26th of  May 2024, a large number of people visited the Children’s Day on Liget Square, where families were welcomed with a wide range of activities. Among other things, there were folk games and stage shows, as well as sports activities.

A performance by the stilt walkers opened the afternoon on Liget Square, just one of the many activities. The folk games also attracted many visitors. The Children’s Day programme attracted many visitors from the surrounding area.

For the district’s municipal representative Edina Szilágyi Children’s Day is particularly important, as she is herself a mother.

“My goal, not only as a private person but also as a community organiser, was to organise an event worthy of celebrating this beautiful day together. I hope that those who come here will feel that our hearts and souls are in this space, in this event,” Edina Szilágyi said.

Of course, sport was also on the agenda. Liget Square offers a wide range of opportunities for those who want to relax, not only during this year’s programme, but all year round.

“ Liget Square has become a community space that is extremely important for the people of Csapókert.There are never enough public spaces, and this space is developing very nicely,” the district’s parliamentary representative László Tasó emphasised.

During the afternoon, families were entertained by various performers on stage.


Author: Debrecen4U