hese transmission lines provide almost a third of Debrecen’s drinking water supply, as well as the drinking water supply of Nagyhát and Nagymacs. The most modern pipes with a diameter of 600 millimetres were delivered here from Western Europe.

Mayor László Papp said on Tuesday that the security of supply in the city will be raised to a higher level. The regional (Tiszament Regional Waterworks) and local (Debrecen Waterworks) waterworks are one of the most important pillars of Debrecen’s drinking water supply and service security. There has been a very good cooperation between the two companies for decades, and the service provided by the regional waterworks is crucial for Debrecen’s drinking water supply and groundwater protection.

By replacing the old pipelines, the new ones will already function as smart transmission lines. The operation of the system enables continuous monitoring of the status of the entire network. In the event of a malfunction, the repair time can also be significantly reduced. 

The CEO of the regional waterwork (Tiszament Regional Waterwork) Rea Kányási emphasised that the protection of water bases is important, the quality of surface waters is excellent, and water purification works happen in a well-established and safe way. “In a nationally recognised, accredited laboratory, our modern computer systems monitor the quality of our drinking water minute by minute on a daily basis, and whether it meets domestic and EU standards,” the director said.

Upgrading of transmission lines is currently at 90 percent.  The technical handover of the 17 billion project is expected to take place in September.

Source: debrecen.hu

Author: Debrecen4U