The complete renovation of the Greek Catholic Cathedral of the Most Holy Virgin of the Altar of the Holy Trinity will cost two and a half billion forints, two billion of which the church received from the government. The investment is expected to take two years.

The packing has already begun, although liturgy will be held at the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Mother of God until Sunday. Construction workers will be working on the building, which was consecrated in 1910, from next week.

At a press conference on Tuesday, architect András Tisza said that the entire building structure, the exterior façade and the church’s interior will be renovated.

The walls show signs of soaking in several places, and this problem will also be remedied. The parishioners were very much looking forward to the renovation, but they could not use their church during the works.

We will maintain our liturgical life in several locations in the city. Primarily in the Chapel of the Holy Cross of the Svetits Catholic High School, which is the closest to us locally. There will be evening liturgies and several holy liturgies on Sunday, said parish priest Gergely Szarka.

During the renovation, the paintings of Ferenc Lohr painted between 1909 and 1910, and several liturgical objects will be restored.

A heat pump modern underfloor heating system will be installed, and the electrical network will be upgraded. The renovation will cost two and a half billion forints.

A large part of this is being provided by the Hungarian government, the Hungarian state, for our church, the Archdiocese of Hajdúdorog. It is about two billion forints. And the difference will be provided by the donations of the faithful and the diocese’s resources,” said István Seszták, deputy head of the diocese.

As part of the renovation, the Attila Square in front of the church will also be beautified and given a different function. The municipality will contribute to the renovation of this area.

From a liturgical point of view, it will also be useful if the space that used to be the property of the city is handed over to the church, and the part of the liturgy that takes place outside the church can be presented in the park integrated into the church, said Mayor László Papp.

The renovation of the Cathedral of the Assumption is expected to take two years.

Source: Dehir.hu

Author: Debrecen4U