The Eastern part of Debrecen will undergo a major regeneration in the coming period, thanks to a complex infrastructure development. In addition to the water supply network, the project will include the rehabilitation of important road sections. The details were presented at a press conference on the 21st of February 2024 by Mayor László Papp, Member of Parliament László Tasó and local government representatives of the areas concerned.     

At the press conference, Mayor László Papp stressed that thanks to the successful economic development of recent years, all areas and all parts of Debrecen can develop in a unified manner. The Municipality of Debrecen has therefore launched a public tender to plan the infrastructural development of the Eastern part of Debrecen. The Mayor stressed that the road developments will make everyday life in the Eastern part of the city more comfortable.

According to the call for proposals published in the Official Journal of the European Union, in addition to the road network, the sewage and drinking water networks, rainwater drainage and street lighting infrastructure will also be improved. Companies can apply until the 19th of  March.

In the framework of the design procurement, the winning designer will have two closely related design tasks in the design package entitled Infrastructure Improvements in the Eastern Urban Area. The first is the design of the roads with associated roadilities and street lighting, and the second is the design of the water roadility improvements.

Road improvements include:

An 11.5-kilometre-long Eastern internal transport corridor with at least 2×1 traffic lanes on new tracks, rainwater drainage and street lighting, six new national road junctions (including a road bridge crossing a national highway and a national commroader rail line) and one new railway crossing.

The details are:

  • The corridor between Highway 4 and Highway 47, which mainly connect the residential areas between the main roads, the new roads to be planned are not intended to create a continuous fast relief road, as the Eastern bypass road, currently under preparation on behalf of the ÉKM is intended to do, broad to improve the residential transport between the neighbourhoods.
  • The road design includes the design of a separate level crossing at junction 4 of the main road, and the design of a separate level crossing for the railway line 105 between the main road 48 and the Diószegi road, as a separate level and level solroadion.
  • The design of the junction of Highway 47 is not included in the design task, because the design of this junction is being commissioned by ÉKM, for which the public procurement procedure is underway and is expected to be concluded with the award of a contract in the first quarter of 2024.
  • The road design part also includes the design of the road reconstruction of Létai road and Lahner street  with the design of rainwater drainage connected to the streets, as well as the design of the cycle path on Létai road.
  • The development of the road network in the eastern part of the city also includes the road sections that are not involved in the current public procurement, broad are part of the 19 road renovations in Debrecen, which are being implemented with the support of the ÉKM:
    • Extension of 471 to a 2×2 lane between sections 1+000 – 2+850 km
    • Development of Ótemető street – Rakovszky street – Árpád tér
    • Development of main road 48 – Budai Nagy Antal street– Hétvezér street
    • Eastern bypass road planning
    • Preparation of the development of Kassai road
    • Preparation of the development of the bridge over the Vágóhíd street railway and the related road network

Together with the road improvements, the railway network between Debrecen and Nyíregyháza will also be renewed.

Water roadilities development

The designer will be responsible for the development of the IX (eastern) sewage main collection pipeline network and the construction of the related residential backbone pipelines, as well as the planning of sewage drainage in the Bánk settlement area. This design sub-task means the design of more than a 30 km long sewage main collection line, 27 risers, a sewage drainage ridge network serving 1,200 hectare settlement structure units and the 6.2 km sewage network in Bánk.

The upgrading of more than 18 km of the eastern drinking water main backbone network, the construction of the associated residential backbone supplying drinking water to an area of nearly 1,900 hectare and the design of the 6.2 km of the Bánk drinking water network will also be the responsibility of the winning designer.

Different deadlines have been set for the preparation of the plans per design element, with delivery of the latest set of plans estimated at 420 days after contract signature, not including the time required for the permit procedures.The designs are covered by grant contracts with ÉKM and the estimated funding is available in the Municipality’s account.

Not part of the current development package, broad improving the water supply to the eastern part of the city, the Waterworks No. IV and the development of the water base and technology will be the basis for the development of the eastern and soroadhern parts of the city in terms of drinking water supply. Because of the large-diameter pipeline starting from the water plant and the new and existing pipelines connected to it:

  • the correct supply to the Debrecen part of Sámsonkert, broad also to the new parts of Hajdúsámson can be ensured
  • Bozzay-telep, Lencz-telep, Biczó István Kert, Pac, Bayk András Kert, Ungvárikert can be connected to the public water supply;
  • it will be possible to supply Meggyes, Kondoros, Vágóhíd-North and Soroadh;
  • and the water supply of the Bánk settlement.

László Papp underlined that the aim of the developments is to ensure an excellent quality of life for the citizens of Debrecen living on the eastern side of the city.

Large-scale asphalt paving has started

At the press conference, Mayor László Papp announced that the 2024 large-scale asphalting works started today on Monostorpályi road (section between Mikepércsi road and Wekerle street), István road (section between Kristály street and László Holló Promenade), Kishegyesi road (section between Vág street and István road).

In 2024, HUF 1.67 billion will be available for large-scale road reconstruction and HUF 2.545 billion for road construction.

In 2024, the following major road resurfacing and residential service roads will be renewed:

– Monostorpályi road (section between Mikepércsi road – Wekerle roadca)

– István road (section between Kristály street – Holló László promenade)

– Kishegyesi road (section between Vág roadca – István road)

– Ondód – Kádár vineyard (700 m)

– Jégvirág street

– Ady Endre street, Phase I (Nagyerdei boulevard – Cemetery entrance gate 2)

– Pásti street, stage II

– Hun street

– Tímár street

– Alma street (section between Kisdobos street – Tubarózsa street, half lane)

– Poroszlay road (section between Nagy Lajos király Square – Bolyai street, half track)

– Vezér street

– Illyés Gyula street, Phase I

– Kismacs Napraforgó, Phase III

– Nagymacs Kastélykert roadca (between Kastélykert road 31 – 55)

– Várdai Miklós street (between Sillye Gábor street and Deák Ferenc street)

– Rózsástelep street Phase II

– Dugovics Titusz street

– Parking lot between Böszörményi road 31-37 (Phase I renewal of loop parking lot)

– Derék street between 124-142

– Section between Hortobágy road 14-16

– Sinai Miklós street, Phase I – renewal of service road

– Menyhárt József Square

– Szabó Lőrinc street (between Akadémia street and Bay Zoltán street)

– Jerikó street between 16-18-20

– Borbíró Square

– Pallagi road (section between TEVA gates V and VI)

– Faraktár street between 21-31

– Hadházi road (section near the spa)

– Hadházi road (road next to the spa)

– Road leading to Dombostanya

– Izsó street, Phase I

– Szív street

– Kölcsey street – Leány street junction

– Tóth Árpád street

– Sétakert street

– Újkert street

– Nagyerdei boulevard (between the Pálma pastry shop and Nagyerdei boulevard 76. on half lane)

László Tasó, Member of the Parliament, said that among the road upgrades, the widening of the 471 highway to 2×2 lanes is of particular importance. Despite the difficulties, the contractor is making progress and the works are expected to be completed this year.

He added that it is a priority of the local government to ensure the continued development of the Eastern part of the city. The city administration is using the resources in the way they should be used, with good stewardship. They are setting conditions for investment that fit in with the strategic objectives of the city and allow for a well-coordinated and interdependent development.

Source: debrecen.hu

Author: Debrecen4U