Hundreds of people celebrated Hungarian folk music on Saturday afternoon at the Csapókert Community House. This was the 10th edition of the County Folk Music Meeting. In addition to presenting quality and atmospheric productions, the traditional ensembles operating in the county were able to strengthen their professional and friendly community.

Folk groups, choirs and various traditional groups also sang together in Csapókert Community House. The tenth County Folk Music Meeting is always a great pleasure for the performers, as it is a chance to build community and pass on traditions to younger generations.

“Our generation grew up in it, lived in it, and it is very important for us to cherish it, to refresh it and to pass it onto the next generation, “  Head of Csapókert Pávakör Lászlóné Szilágyi  said.

Both the young and the old could demonstrate their skills among folk music lovers. Debrecen is home to many talented folk musicians, folk singers and dancers. The city’s nationally and internationally known groups promote the values of Hungarian folk music. “The Csapókert Community House is an important venue for this,” Mayor László Papp said in his welcome speech. There is no need to worry about Hungarian folk culture, as it has survived more difficult times, and it is precisely those groups who will be singing together here today that represent its future and the possibility of passing it on.”In today’s Europe, there is a great need to be able and willing to think in terms of nation states, traditions, folklore and traditions,” László Papp emphasised.

More than ten traditional groups participated in the County Folk Music Festival.


Author: Debrecen4U