More than 1,500 dancers from international and Hungarian artistic groups will dazzle the audience in the carnival procession with flower floats.

Performing groups:

Batala Austria (Austria):  The rhythmic and energetic performance of BATALA comes from far away Brazil, where the music pulsates day and night, and the carnival is an essential part of the culture.

DraškeMaškare (Croatia): This year, the team from Rijeka will perform as kings and queens, engaging the audience in a dancing and singing show.

Huaxing Arts Group (China): The group features colourful, spectacular costumes from all eras of China, performing dances from the oldest traditions to the most modern, with emblematic figures of the Huaxing dragon and the Yin-Yan lion.

Federazione Balestrieri Sammarines (Italy): The more than 70-year-old group recalls the traditions of San Marino dating back to the 14th century and celebrates its historical traditions:  flag-wavers, crossbowmen, musicians and court nobles in ancient costumes recall the past.

Mirror Crew (Serbia): The glittering costumes of the stilt walkers and ground stuntmen, consisting of countless miniature mirrors, change by reflecting the environment, providing the audience with a visual spectacle of light, colour, movement and magic.

Rangsagar Performing Arts (India): India is a land of tradition and colourful culture, interpreted through folk dance and unique, innovative dance performances in traditional and captivating costumes.

Comparsa Shambala (Spain): The Spanish team’s wardrobe is decorated with over 10,000 crystal stones and hundreds of colourful feathers. The dancers dressed in costumes bring the most energetic Spanish fiesta to the carnival. 

Steltzen Art (Germany): The Bremen team has “exotic animals” on board, all 

raised by the crew themselves, and the artists breathe life into the sometimes sassy creatures.

Samba Sensual & Sambamor: From the authentic to the modern, Samba Sensual gives festival-goers the most comprehensive picture of the diversity of Brazilian culture: from street dances to the luxurious, effervescent carnival and the Brazilian way of life through to more sensual, feminine styles.

Date: 20th of August,  9:00 am

Location: Kossuth Square

Source: Főnix Rendezvényszervező Közhasznú Nonprofit Kft. | Photo credit: Facebook (Papp László)

Author: Debrecen4U