The confectioners’ experience shows that the popularity of the sweet is unbroken and more and more people are trying ice cream with unusual flavours. The price of a scoop is around five hundred forints in Debrecen.

Fried red onion ice cream with Debrecen sausage, green pea ice cream with tonka beans, foie gras ice cream with Tokaji Aszu wine, and other special flavour combinations can be tasted in Kis Angyal Ice Cream and Confectionery. 

Confectioner Zoltán Hajdú’s goal is to present this sweet in a different way than what people are used to on a daily basis. According to him, ice cream is like chocolate, eternal fashion.

“I like to add herbs to the flavours of the ice creams, rosemary, lavender, mint, basil. This is everyone’s favourite without exception. But also vegetables, such as green peas and red onions. There were already divisive opinions here, but interestingly, the ice cream always ran out,” Master Chef, confectioner and ice cream technologist of Kis Angyal Ice Cream and Confectionery Zoltán Hajdú said.

According to experience, the popularity of ice cream is unbroken, even if in some cases you have to wait several months for it due to the weather. In Debrecen, the price of a scoop can range from HUF 400 to HUF 650.


Author: Debrecen4U