Local small and medium-sized enterprises employ 65 percent of the employees in Debrecen. The role of the sector is crucial in the economic life of the city. Recognising this, EDC Debrecen, the County Chamber of Commerce and Industry, organised an exhibition and conference, entitled “JövőKép Expo (Future Vision Expo)” on Thursday together with DSZC.

The aim of the first expo was to introduce the SME sector to secondary school students in Debrecen, so that they know what job and career opportunities await them after completing their studies. In the Kölcsey Center, SMEs were able to introduce themselves directly to high school students, also showing them a career path.

“I think it helps a lot. The only difficult thing is how to go to these companies, how to talk to them, what exactly to ask, because I think that in these matters, for someone so young, we don’t really know what to ask them,” student at the DSZC Chemical Engineering Technical School Lívia Egry said.

Education is of strategic importance. DSZC’s 11 institutions train students in more than 70 professions for 19 sectors. Currently, 12,500 people are studying with them. “The primary objective is to familiarise our students with this sector. We are in contact with a lot of them, we have more than 250 dual partners from this sector,” Director General of DSZC Sándor Szilágyi pointed out. 

Deputy Mayor of Debrecen Lajos Barcsa also emphasised the importance of SMEs, highlighting, for example, the family workplace atmosphere characteristic of the sector.

“A small and medium-sized company will never leave Debrecen. Local patriotism is 100 percent guaranteed, and if someone needs such a job, I think that they will hopefully find such a relationship with the exhibitors, who are about forty,” he said at the event.

Zoltán Pécskay, Managing Director of EDC Debrecen, presented the opportunities in the sector to the students. “You can see that there are very wide opportunities available to you, and in the future you can take many different paths in Debrecen, and the main thing is that you can prosper here in Debrecen and build a future both in terms of career and family,” he pointed out.

According to the General Secretary of the co-organizer’s County Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the event is also beneficial for companies and young people. It can also help you find your first job. “Everyone considers it very important that they get the best workforce, and you are here and take the time to get to know their services, products, and company culture,” Secretary General of the Hajdú-Bihar County Chamber of Commerce and Industry Éva Skultéti pointed out.

The State Secretary responsible for employment policy also participated in the expo. Sándor Czomba praised the economic development results in the city and the region, emphasising that such events are necessary to maintain momentum. “It certainly has a very important message for today. It is definitely very important for employers, future employers and future employees, be they students or adults, to meet, establish contact and assess each other’s needs,” he pointed out.

About 2,000 high school students were expected to participate in the program. According to the organisers, the Future Vision Expo will definitely continue.

Source: debrecen.hu

Author: Debrecen4U