On Saturday, the local government, national minority and European Parliament election campaigns officially started. In Debrecen, nominating organisations could pick up the recommendation forms for individual MPs and mayoral candidates at the local election office.

In Debrecen there are currently about 165 thousand voters on the electoral roll. They will be able to cast their votes at 138 polling stations in the local elections on the 9th of June. To find out exactly where they should go, they will need to consult the electoral information leaflet that everyone should have received by post by Friday.

In Debrecen, 23 individual MEPs are elected, nine of whom are on a compensatory list for the city assembly.

A mayor will also be elected to be the head of the body. To become a candidate, at least 500 valid recommendations are required in the city. To stand as an individual candidate, a minimum of 60 and 79 valid recommendations are required, depending on the constituency.

In the European Parliament elections, Hungary will have 21 MPs in the 705-member body. The whole country is counted as one constituency. You cannot vote directly for individuals, only for lists. To do this, you need 20,000 valid recommendations. In the end, those who pass the 5% threshold will be elected in proportion to the votes cast.


Author: Debrecen4U