In the coming years, Debrecen will have a great need for skilled, so-called blue-collar workers due to the dynamic economic development.

This was the message of a conference organised by the Confederation of HungarianE mployers and Industrialist (MGYOSZ), where the labour market in the regions of Hungary and expectations for the next decade were discussed. The aim of the conference was to generate a dialogue between professionals from different companies.

The staff of MGYOSZ started touring the country’s regions in 2023, with the aim of contacting the main players in the labour market.

The survey aimed to find out the views of local professionals on the direction in which the labour market is heading. They also want to know what market players expect the sector to look like in 2035.

“From this, we prepared a summary, a so-called strategic forecast, in which we identified the trends that we believe will determine the labour market in the regions and the Hungarian labour market in general in the next ten years,” Adrienn Bálint, Director of Labour and Social Affairs at MGYOSZ, said.

Around 170 companies from across the country took part in the survey. The results, including data for the Northern Great Plain region, have just been presented to experts.

It included the fact that wages in Debrecen have doubled since 2016.

It also revealed that the city’s dynamic economic growth will create a strong demand for skilled, so-called blue-collar workers in the coming years.

“In the last ten years, the number of people employed in our city alone has grown from 84,000 to more than 90,000, which is a significant increase,” Deputy Mayor Lajos Barcsa pointed out.

The deputy mayor added that the labour market situation is expected to remain tight and that workers in Debrecen will continue to have a choice of positions.

Source: Debrecen.hu

Author: Debrecen4U