The large-scale resurfacing of the section of Tégláskert Street between Csordás and Vadász Streets in Debrecen has begun. The details were presented at a press conference by Zoltán Piros, local government representative, on the 20th of October 2023.

In the framework of the Debrecen 2030 programme, several parts of the city will receive a new layer of asphalt, including the Tégláskert. This street is one of the emblematic streets of the Tégláskert district. In 2022, the section between Halász and Vadász streets was renovated, and now the reconstruction of the section between Vadász and Csordás streets has started. The contractor is milling off the worn asphalt, repairing the road structure where necessary, renewing the stormwater drainage system, and finally the road embankment and landscaping. The works are scheduled to last five weeks, weather permitting. The cost of the reconstruction of the road section, which will be around 230 metres in length, is HUF 40 million gross, financed by the Municipality of Debrecen from its own resources. The representative asked for the patience of residents and motorists during the construction work and for them to drive with caution and in accordance with the traffic signs.

Zoltán Piros said he was very proud of the many improvements that had been made in his district over the past few years. He mentioned the construction of roads on Legányi Street, Csermely Street and Patak Street, the reconstruction of pavements on Gázvezeték Street and the construction of pavements on Trombitás Street. Parking spaces have also been painted on Trombitás Street and on the service roads of the Ispotály housing estate. According to the representative, progress is not stopping, and various improvements are constantly being made. He had good news for the residents of Basahalom Street. Here, the process of preparing the road construction is in its final stages. In the Tégláskert, pedestrians will be the main beneficiaries of the future development, as a 1,540 square metre pavement will be built parallel to Dobogó Street, connecting Kanális Street with Mikepércsi Street. This will make access to the Tesco store and the school on Epreskert Street safer for everyone involved. A new road is also planned to connect Mandolás Street with Gázvezeték Street. This new road section is expected to reduce the intensity of vehicle traffic in the Tégláskert area.

Source and photo credit: debrecen.hu

Author: Debrecen4U