As in previous years, major renovation work will continue in Debrecen in 2024 under the D2030 programme.  The primary objective of the programme is to replace ageing and deteriorated asphalt pavements and, where necessary, to improve the local structural condition of the pavement to improve the quality and safety of traffic.

In the area of Debrecen in 2023, a total of nearly 10 km of large-scale road reconstruction was carried out in the gross amount of HUF 2 billion (Phase I: HUF 658 million, Phase II: HUF 740 million, Phase III: HUF 574 million). In Phases I, II and III, the Municipality carried out major resurfacing of a total of 39 road sections for a total of nearly HUF 2 billion.

Work is currently underway in several parts of the city as part of the large-scale asphalt paving project. The following streets are affected by the works: István Road (Kristály Street – Holló László promenade section), Kishegyesi Road (Vág Street- István Road section), Jégvirág Street, Ady Endre Street – (Nagyerdei Boulevard – Cemetery section), Debrecen – Ondód – Kádárdűlő Road, Pásti Street Phase II. (section between Hatvan Street and Pásti Street No. 8).

On the 29th of  February (Thursday), the large-scale asphalting of Kastélykert Street (section between Kastélykert Street 31 and 55) will start in Nagymacs. The work will take three weeks, depending on weather conditions, and is expected to be completed by the 21st of  March 2024.

Also on the 29th of  February, the next phase of the major road resurfacing of Pallagi Road will begin. The milling of the existing aged asphalt pavement will take place on Thursday and the laying of the new asphalt overlay on Friday. The work, depending on the weather conditions, will take 2 weeks.

The large-scale road repair of Napraforgó Street in Kismacs will start on the 5th of March.

In 2024, the following roads and housing estate service roads will be paved with large-surface asphalt:

· Monostorpályi Road (section between Mikepércsi Road and Wekerle Road)

· István Road (section between Kristály Street and László Holló promenade)

· Kishegyesi Road (section between Vág Street and István Road)

· Ondód – Kádár dülő (700 m)

· Jégvirág Street

· Ady Endre Street, Phase I. (Nagyerdei Boulevard – Cemetery entrance Gate 2)

· Pásti Street, Phase II.

· Hun Street

· Tímár Street

· Alma Street (section between Kisdobos Street and Tubarózsa Street, half-track)

· Poroszlay Road (the section between Nagy Lajos király Square and Bolyai Street is half-track)

· Vezér Street

· Illyés Gyula Street, Phase I.

· Kismacs Napraforgó,Phase III.

· Nagymacs Kastélykert Street (Kastélykert Street between 31 and 55)

· Várdai Miklós Street (between Sillye Gábor Street and Deák Ferenc Street)

· Rózsástelep Street Phase II.

· Dugovics Titusz Street

· Parking lot between Böszörmény Road 31-37 (Phase I. renovation of the loop parking lot)

· Section between Derék Street 124-142 

· Section between Hortobágy Street 14-16

· Sinai Miklós Street, Phase I. – renewal of service Road

· Menyhárt József Square

· Szabó Lőrinc Street (between Akadémia Street and Bay Zoltán Street)

· Section between Jerikó Street 16-18-20 

· Borbíró Square

· Pallagi Road (section between TEVA Gates V. and VI.)

· Faraktár Street between 21-31

· Hadházi Road (Road section next to the spa)

· Road leading to Dombos tanya

· Izsó Street, Phase I.

· Szív Street

· Kölcsey Street – Leány Street intersection

· Tóth Árpád  Street

· Sétakert  Street

· Újkert Street

· Nagyerdei Boulevard  (half-track between Pálma confectionery and Nagyerdei Boulevard 76)

In the past 5 years, the Municipality of Debrecen has spent HUF 3,530,094,111 gross on large-surface road renovations, and HUF 2,355,189,616 gross on public initiative road construction.

Source: debrecen.hu

Author: Debrecen4U