The details were presented at a press conference held on the 20th of September, 2023, by József Hetei, the municipal representative of the area.

“The City of Debrecen is committed to replacing the aged and deteriorated asphalt pavement and, where necessary, to improving the road structure, thus contributing to the quality and safety of traffic”, József Hetei said, who added that the large-scale road rehabilitation works will continue, with the start of the second phase of the asphalt works on János Holló Street in his district.

The municipal councillor of the area added the works started with the demolition and construction of the kerbs of the car park in front of 3-7 Holló János Street, followed by the rehabilitation of the car park’s pavement. Finally, the track structure of the lane in front of the garage will be restored. The repair of the road structure will be followed by the laying of the new asphalt overlay on the entire road section.

József Hetei pointed out that the pavement rehabilitation of Holló János Street I. phase of the project was completed when the section between the Petőfi Square service road and the Levendula Kindergarten was asphalted.

In the current phase, the works are expected to be completed by the end of October, but the contractor is doing his utmost to complete the works as soon as possible. József Hetei asked residents to be patient during the renovation works and added that everyone should drive carefully during the works.

József Hetei said that the renovation works on about 1,000 square metres would cost HUF 35 million and would be financed entirely from municipal funds. He stressed that the works underway were a response to a long-standing demand from the population, and he thanked the municipality for its help in making this a reality.

Author: Debrecen4U