The details were presented at a press conference held on the 30th of  May 2024 by Municipal Representative of the area  Edina Szilágyi. 

Edina Szilágyi said in advance that in her constituency, several stretches of worn-out, ageing pavement had been renewed in recent years. Keresszegi Street in 2021, Kinizsi Street in 2021, Székely Street in 2022 and Apafi Street the previous year were part of the road renovation and construction programme.

The Municipal Representative added that this year she had also succeeded in convincing the city government to continue the programme to renew the deteriorated roads in her constituency near the city centre. The start of the asphalting of Dugovics Titusz Street had received numerous requests from residents, and the fact that the budget for this year had provided a gross amount of HUF 33 million for the renewal of this section of road meant that a very important road surface for residents and road users would be renewed.

“The preparatory works for the large-scale road reconstruction of Dugovics Titusz Street started on the 28th of  May. During the project, the contractor will carry out the cutting of the existing embankment, the construction of new kerbs, the milling and demolition of the existing aged asphalt pavement, the levelling of the existing utility fittings and the resurfacing of the road and the pavement in smaller sections. The rehabilitation will be carried out over 183 metres,” Edina Szilágyi explained.

The road section will be completely closed during the works, with only access for residents in the morning and access in the afternoon. Parking will be prohibited on the affected sections during the works.

The works, depending on the weather conditions, are expected to be completed by the end of June. She added that she would take the initiative to ask the Department of Urban Development to renovate the pavements and the Department of Green Spaces to plant trees.

Edina Szilágyi thanked residents and road users for their patience during the construction period.  

Source: debrecen.hu

Author: Debrecen4U