The details were presented at a press conference held on the 9th of November 2023 by Edina Szilágyi, the municipality’s representative and László Tasó, Member of Parliament.

“The Csapókert district is continuously developing, and as a testimony to this, this time, the road pavement in Apafi Street between Kassai Road and Virág Street is being renewed as part of the municipality’s large-scale asphalting programme,” Edina Szilágyi said. She added that the improvement is being carried out on the basis of public feedback, as the most important aspect is to ensure that people living in the area can travel in comfort and safety.

She said that, in addition to the reconstruction of Apafi Street, several sections of the road have been renewed recently. These included Keresszegi Street, Kinizsi Street, Virág Street and Székely Street. These were all very important improvements in the road rehabilitation programme of the past period, and she is grateful to László Tasó, Member of Parliament, who supports all such programmes and, at the same time, has requested that funds be allocated for the renewal of the asphalt pavement in other important access roads on Kassai Road, such as Dugovics Titusz Street and Magyari Street. In addition, work on the section of Deseffwy Street that has not yet been asphalted can also start soon, as the public procurement procedure has been completed and the design contract has been signed.

In addition, Edina Szilágyi pointed out that the Csapókert community life is also famous throughout the city, and the next important programme will take place on 14th of November 2023 from 2:00 p.m., when a special partnership will be implemented to plant trees on a long stretch of land at the intersection of Budai-Nagy Antal Street and Huszár Gál Street. During the event, 60 trees will be planted, 30 of which have been donated by the community and 30 by the municipality.

László Tasó, Member of Parliament, said that Debrecen is not in an easy situation, as the fast-paced industrial development programme and economic development are full of challenges, but the city administration and local government representatives always have the attention to meet the demands of the population. One such example is the programme of large-scale asphalt paving, which is a delight for the residents of all the sections concerned. This is no different in the case of Apafi Street, which is being carried out at a cost of HUF 41 million from municipal funds under the Debrecen 2030 programme. The project will be completed by Luca’s Day; until then, residents are asked to be patient.

The MP added that Debrecen is currently running the country’s largest inland transport development programme. This is also being coordinated according to a well-thought-out plan, as the aim is to improve the permeability of the narrower junctions due to heavy traffic by rebuilding them. Five major interchanges will be rebuilt in the next period. The developments are particularly important because, during daytime hours, the city’s population and many residents of the agglomeration settlements come to Debrecen to do business and work. László Tasó also highlighted the renovation of the intersection of Vámospércsi Road – Budai Nagy Antal Street – Faraktár Street – Hétvezér Street and the reconstruction of the intersection of Ótemető Street – Rakovszky Street – Árpád tér, as independent turning lanes will be created at each of these intersections, thus improving the permeability and making it faster and safer to travel on Debrecen’s roads.

Source and photo credit: debrecen.hu

Author: Debrecen4U