The large-scale asphalt paving works for 2023 in the Tócóskort have been completed. This included the renewal of the parking lot between Derék Street 64-68 and István Street 63-71, as well as the service road on István Street.

Under the Debrecen 2030 programme, the Debrecen City Council will carry out large-scale asphalting works in 2023 at more locations in the city than before. As part of this, several sections of the Tócóskert district have received new asphalt paving in recent weeks. The improvements have made traffic safer and more comfortable for the public:

– On the István Road service road from 3 István király Square to the bend in Vincellér Street

The asphalt works have renewed the road surface over a length of almost 280 m. During the project, the municipality also raised the level of the manhole covers and the water gutters. The renovation was carried out with a gross amount of 55.000.000, -Ft from municipal funds.

– asphalt paving of the parking lot on the István út service road in the section between István út 63-71 (on the side of the post office)

The local government provided HUF 20,000,000 gross for the renovation of the parking lot.

– asphalting of the parking lot between Derék utca 64-68

The 110-meter-long parking lot was renovated at a cost of HUF 40 million. Thanks to the work, 10% more cars can park in this area.

– the intersection of Kishegyesi út and Derék utca (the section between Szotyori utca and Kishegyesi út no. 51)

During the development, the entire track structure of the two bus bays on Kishegyesi út, the local structure of the road structure was repaired, the existing manhole covers were levelled, and all traffic lanes were repaved. About 300 meters of road surface was renewed with the renovation.

For the road renovation works, the local government provided HUF 107,000,000 gross.

Source and photo credit: debrecen.hu

Author: Debrecen4U