In the Debrecen 2030 programme, a section of Hortobágy Street will be renewed as part of this year’s large-scale road renovations in Debrecen. 

The details were presented at a press conference by the municipal representative of the residential area Csaba Papp, on the 30th of  April 2024.

As he said in his opening speech, “over the past 5 years, more than HUF 3.5 billion worth of road improvements have been completed in and around his constituency. The construction of the third section of the western ring road (Nagy Imre Street) amounted to HUF 1.5 billion, the capacity-increasing upgrading of Bethlen Street and the Egyetem Sugárút costed more than HUF 1.6 billion, the renovation of Segner Square totalled HUF 122 million, Pesti Road was worth almost HUF 70 million, and Mester Street nearly HUF 80 million, to mention only the most significant ones.”

Csaba Papp also stressed the importance of the fact that these improvements, implemented with the support of the municipality, have increased the accessibility and made traffic safer at several previously problematic junctions. Cycle lanes have been built at all junctions, which is very important for cyclists and for those who want to cycle in an active and healthy way, he pointed out.

The large-scale road repair work on Hortobágy Street, which began on the 30th of April, has a gross value of HUF 21 million, and the renewal of the road from Hortobágy Street 16 to the mouth of Kar Street takes place over a length of about 130 metres. This section of the street is currently in the worst condition. During the works, the wear layer is ground away, the channel covers and water-absorbing grids are levelled, and then the road is provided with a new wear layer. The deadline for completion is the 17th of May, but depending on weather conditions, the contractor will do everything possible to finish the work as soon as possible. The parking spaces in the parking lot next to the road section to be renovated will be painted.

Csaba Papp also pointed out that in the past five years, in Hortobágy Street, between buildings 1 and 11, several phases of pavement reconstruction have been carried out, and more than 10 new parking spaces have been created in the street, which is a great value for the people living in the city centre. 

The representative is confident that the road repairs now underway in Hortobágy Street will also be welcomed by residents and users in the area. Finally, he asked pedestrians to drive with caution during the works, in accordance with the signs posted. The full width of the road section affected by the renovation will be closed, and detours will be possible on the service road running parallel to it.

Source: debrecen.hu

Author: Debrecen4U