Large-surface asphalting work of  Kishhegyesi road is finished

As in previous years, large-scale road rehabilitation works will continue in the Debrecen area in 2024 under the D2030 programme. The primary aim is to replace ageing and deteriorated asphalt pavements and, where necessary, to improve the local structural condition of the road surface to improve traffic quality and safety.

In 2024, the Municipality of the City of Debrecen will continue the intensive transport development programme started in previous years. This year, 57 road sections will be affected by road rehabilitation or construction works. This year’s budget provides almost HUF 1.7 billion for large-scale asphalting on 26 road sections. In addition, residential road construction is being carried out in 23 streets worth HUF 2.5 billion and the asphalting of 8 road sections in housing estates worth HUF 226 million.

The improvement of the roads in Tócóskert and Tócóvölgy has been a priority in the recent period, with the reconstruction of the junction at Derék street, the reconstruction of the Kishegyesi road near the motorway and the renewal of the service roads. This year, another section of István street (Kristály street – László Holló Promenade) was also renovated.

“The large-scale road reconstruction of Kishegyesi road (the section between Vág street and István street) has been completed,” Municipal Representative András Varga announced. As he said “the contractor carried out the milling of the aged asphalt pavement, the laying of a new asphalt overlay and the levelling of the existing utility installations. At the same time, local replacement of the track structure and kerbs was carried out”.

He said that the large-scale road reconstruction works on Kishegyesi road had started on the 21st of  February 2024, and the municipality had provided gross funding of HUF 140,000,000 for the reconstruction of the road section. He noted that the last two to three years had been of particular importance for the development of transport in Tócóskert, as the renewal of the right-turn lane in Derék street and, in parallel, of part of Kishegyesi road had already started in recent years.

“I am happy to say that the first stage of the reconstruction of István road has been completed in the last few days, and the service roads have undergone major improvements in recent years, with parking lots renovated and painted to facilitate parking,” Andra Varga pointed out.

Ongoing and completed road works and major asphalt works:

Completed road works:

– Bádogos street and Bádogos köz

– Seregély street (section between Fecske street and Csíz street)

Ongoing road and cycle path works:

– Bezerédj street – started on the 27th of September 2023 (expected to be completed by mid-May)

– Pallagi road cycle path – started on the 24th of October 2023

– Hármashegy – Hegyköz street Phase I – started on the 20th of April

– Jósa Miklós street – started on the 17th of April 2023

Road works in progress, road works to start in the near future:

– Zelemér street – starts on the 25th of April  

– Mészöly Géza street, Phase I – starts on 29th of April  

– Basahalom street, Phase I 

– Rákóczi street  bus lane construction

– Barna street (between Antall József – Szív street)

– Délibáb street

– Gohér street

– Construction of Hordó – Dézsa street Phase I

– Dolmány street

– Dessewffy street

– Kárókatona street

– Fekete István street

– Északi sor and Vashámor  street

– Tőr street Phase I

– Kartács street (between Hajdú köz – Antgyás street)

– Keresztesi street

Completed major road reconstruction works:

– Jégvirág street

– Ady Endre street Phase I (Nagyerdei körút – Cemetery entrance gate 2)

– Nagymacs Kastélykert street (section between Kastélykert street 31 – 55)

– Jerikó street between 16-18-20

– István Road (section between Kristály street – Holló László Promenade)

– Kismacs Napraforgó Phase III. 

– Monostorpályi road (section between Mikepércsi road – Wekerle utca)

– Vezér street (section after the railway)

– Menyhárt József Square

– Kishegyesi Road (section between Vág street – István road)

– Ondód – Kádár dűlő 700+300 m (700 m section completed, 300 m section completed)

– Pásti street Phase II

 Major road reconstruction works in progress:

– Car park between 31-37 Böszörményi road (renewal of loop car park, Phase I)

– Illyés Gyula street, Phase I

– Borbíró Square

– Poroszlay road(section between Nagy Lajos király square – Bolyai utca half track)

– Szabó Lőrinc street (section between Akadémia street and Bay Zoltán street)

– Hun street

– Alma street (section between Kisdobos street and Tubarózsa street half track)

– Várdai Miklós street (between Sillye Gábor street and Deák Ferenc street)

– Újkert street

– Pallagi road (between TEVA gate V. and the bus turnaround)

 Additional large-scale road reconstruction in 2024:

– Sétakert street expected to start on the 25th of April

– Sinai Miklós street Phase I – renewal of service road – to start on the 25th of April

– Tímár street

– Rózsástelep street – Phase II

– Nagyerdei boulevard – between Pálma confectionery and Nagyerdei boulevard  76.

– Section between Derék street 124-142

– Section between Hortobágy street14-16

– Darabos street

– Faraktár street 21-31 (entrance to NAV)

– Hadházi road (road next to the swimming pool)

– Road to Dombos tanya, Phase I

– Izsó street Phase I

– Szív street

– Kölcsey street – Leány street junction

– Tóth Árpád street

– Dugovics Titusz street

– Kurta street


Author: Debrecen4U