From leadership style to career change, a range of questions were answered at the third Womanext Academy event on Thursday. The Womanext Business Club, a community for women entrepreneurs to share information and experiences, was launched last May. The club holds its Academy event quarterly, where renowned and experienced entrepreneurs hold round-table discussions for participants.

Organised by the Business Club, the round table discussions focused on issues such as leadership style and generational change.

At the event respected and experienced local entrepreneurs and leaders also shared their thoughts on career change with the participants.

The situation of women in the labour market is quite variable, and some say that we are critical in the labour market. We get stuck in a job because of having a family, having children, then we get a position and then we feel that we are not necessarily that good at it,” organiser of the Womanext Business Club Anita Pierog says. 

The president of the Womanext Association Porkoláb Gyöngyi emphasised that she was proud that those who needed it no longer had to go to the capital to find an inspiring female entrepreneurial community.

“We dare to look into each other’s eyes, and by letting down the walls that we sometimes consciously and intentionally draw around ourselves, seeing each other’s needs, we can think together on the same platform at the monthly events and the quarterly events as well,” she stressed.

The Womanext Academy event has already generated more than two hundred business contacts. Most recently, a conference was organised in Oradea with the Association of Hungarian Women Entrepreneurs entitled “In Partnership for the Future of Europe”.

Source: dehir.hu

Author: Debrecen4U