Renting a house

Renting a house

In Debrecen, there is a long tradition of using residential properties for rent, thanks to foreign and Hungarian students and employees moving to Debrecen for study or employment purposes. In terms of duration, the Hungarian legal system has two types of leases, fixed-term and indefinite.

Fixed-term and indefinite rental contract for residential properties


In case of a contract of indefinite duration, the parties are required to specify in the contract the period of notice, while in case of a fixed-term contract, the lease lasts until a specific date, which can be further extended if the parties agree. In this case, the contract can only be terminated by an extraordinary termination. This is why some owners tend to stick to a definite contract of at least one year, because this is how they see the continuous lease of their property best guaranteed. The majority of property owners entering the rental market prefer long-term, fixed-term contracts.

Security deposit, utilities and prices


In general, it is common practice for the property owner / landlord to ask for a security deposit equivalent to two months’ worth of rent when concluding the contract and tenants are usually required to pay the first month’s rent in advance when moving in.

In case of international tenants, the text of the contract is bilingual and the document is usually signed by two witnesses. When concluding a contract, it is also worth noting the position of utility metres, also in the form of pictures. Before concluding a contract, it is also advisable for the tenants to find out about the amount of expected additional fees, including common charges and utility fees such as heating, water and electricity costs that can be estimated based on average consumption.

The rent in Debrecen is determined by the location of the property, its equipment, furniture and modernity, as well as the age of the building. In the popular residential areas of the city, such as the city centre or the Great Forest, an apartment / a house for rent is available at a higher price.

The peculiarity of the rental market in Debrecen is that some price fluctuations can be observed depending on the seasonality, for example at the beginning of the school year in September prices tend to go up. To check how much the average rent is in Debrecen, visit the following website here.

Useful sources

You can find the vast majority of rental market listings on Hungary’s largest real estate portal, or get help from real estate agents and relocation companies who will guide you through the whole process, from moving in to registering your new address.