This year’s major road repairs in Debrecen will continue with phases II and III. 

László Papp, Mayor of Debrecen, László Pósán, Member of Parliament, and József Hetei, Member of the Municipality, reported on the works at the Sumen Street work site on 23rd August 2023.

This is a very important announcement, László Papp said; he emphasised that transport has been at the heart of urban development in Debrecen for years, and the city’s inhabitants can currently measure development mainly through the development and improvement of the transport system. 

This is why it is very important that from 2017 onwards, transport is one of the most important elements of urban development in the city budget and in the urban development aspects of the agreements with the government. 

The Debrecen 2030 programme has a specific chapter on transport development. When the Assembly adopted the city’s budget in 2023, it promised that a major road rehabilitation and construction programme would be launched in Debrecen this year.

When the budget was adopted, a sum of around HUF 2 billion was earmarked for the renovation of the city’s ageing road network, as well as for the construction of new roads, pavements and other transport-related works, road stabilisation and grading. László Papp stressed that the city could spend 2.8-2.9 billion forints this year, well above the 2 billion forints available for the development of Debrecen’s road network. The first phase of this, costing a total of HUF 658 million, started in May and will be completed by August.

Phase I works already completed or soon to be completed:

  1. Section of Móricz Zsigmond road before Auguszta
  2. Phase II of Függetlenség Street
  3. Derekassy István Street (between Tócópart Street and Derekassy Street 9)
  4. The Nagyerdei Körút (between the entrance to the beach and the entrance to the parking lot on Egyetem Square)
  5. Pallag road, Phase I (100 metres from Móricz Zsigmond road, 100 metres from the crossroads to Pallag and between the car park entrance)
  6. The section between the pedestrian crossing on Móricz Zsigmond Road before Augusta and Pallagi Road, Phase I
  7. Pipóhegy Street (replacement of paving stones with asphalt)
  8. Nagyerdei körút, Phase II (between Simonyi Road and Martinovics Street)
  9. Monostorpályi Road from Cseresznye Street to the bus turnaround, including the bus turnaround

Before presenting the works of phases II and III, László Papp predicted that the city’s 2024 budget would also include a very significant share of transport development programmes, road renovations and road construction, in addition to the significant intersection improvements in Debrecen approved by the government in recent weeks, which were already mentioned at an earlier press conference. László Papp highlighted the development of Szabó Lőrinc Street, the intersection of Csigekert Street and Füredi Road, and the intersection of Árpád Square, Kassai Road and Csapó Street.

Returning to the second and third phases of this year’s large-scale road improvements, these will cover a total of 32 road sections at a total cost of HUF 2.2 billion. Including the costs of the first phase, this amounts to some HUF 2.9 billion. As stressed by Mr Papp, the rehabilitation of crucial road sections should be launched under the second and third phases and continue those already started in the previous period. Phase II will run from August to October, and Phase III will run from October to December. Of the road sections to be renewed in Phase II, he highlighted the section of Sumen Street between Haláp Street and the Sand Garden flyover, where full-width asphalting will be carried out, and the implementation of the second phase of the renewal of János Raven Street. The works will also affect Segner Square and Szabó Lőrinc Street, which will be significantly renewed in the latter two phases. With the renovation of the section of Nagyerdei körút between Martinovics Street and Hadházi Road, the residential part of the boulevard will be completely renewed. There will also be a complete renovation of the junction of Kishegyesi Road and Derék Street, where a lane turning right from Derék Street onto Kishegyesi Road was completed last year. Another important element of Phase II is the start of the renovation of the Sárga dűlő.

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Author: Debrecen4U