In a press conference on the 25th of July 2023, László Papp, Mayor of Debrecen, and Szabolcs Komolay, Member of the Municipality of Debrecen, announced that a large-scale road repair work project has started on the outer section of Monostorpályi Road in Debrecen. 

As László Papp said, the city government’s annual budgets from 2016-17 onwards have focused on transport development elements alongside major investments and developments. When adopting this year’s budget, the city also promised to continue road construction and repair works on a large scale and at a significant pace. In the three phases planned for this year, Debrecen will spend around HUF 2 billion to improve and renovate its ageing asphalt roads and partly build new ones.

The first phase of large-scale road repairs is nearing completion with this work. Minor works are still ongoing in the northern part of the city on the Nagyerdei körút, and the focus of activity has now shifted to the southern part of the city.

The Monostorpályi road is one of the busiest roads in Debrecen, serving partly industrial and partly residential areas, where the last major development took place around 2005. On that occasion, Monostorpályi Street was upgraded as far as Cseresznye Street. A more than 700-metre-long section from Cseresznye Street to the bus turnaround in Pacikert Street is being reconstructed. Where necessary, the entire road structure will be rebuilt – in the case of the bus turnaround, for example, this will definitely happen. The total gross cost of the project, which is expected to be completed by 19th August 2023, is HUF 132.5 million and will be covered entirely by the municipality from its own resources.

László Papp asked for patience and accident-free traffic for the duration of the works, which may involve serious traffic jams, from those walking along the road section concerned and those living in the area. As he stressed, this temporary inconvenience must be tolerated in order to allow the renewal of this road section, one of the most important traffic arteries in the southern part of the city.

Szabolcs Komolay, a local government representative, pointed out that in the past two months alone, this is the third announcement of some kind of investment in this part of the city, work related to the implementation of another section of the Csárda road asphalting, the maintenance of unpaved roads, and now the reconstruction of more than 700 meters of the Monostorpályi road. All this shows that the Debrecen municipality is also focusing on developing the city’s external areas. As he said, the section of the Monostorpályi road that is currently being renovated has received many comments from residents that the noise and vibration pollution is now difficult to bear, mainly due to the large vehicles passing by. Szabolcs Komolay stressed: he is confident that these complaints will disappear after the reconstruction. Another reason for the renewal of this arterial road, which also serves public transport, is that the population of this part of the city has been growing steadily in recent years, new streets have been built and the number of vehicles and traffic has increased.

The development is, therefore, all about improving the comfort of the people living in the neighbourhood.

Source and photo credit: debrecen.hu

Author: Debrecen4U