MANZ Hungary Kft.  has been operating in Debrecen for two decades, and its dynamic development has made it an integral part of the city’s economy. It was announced that Manz would participate in the Főnix Housing Programme and that a very significant expansion of production capacity was planned.

Manz started production in Debrecen twenty years ago in a small workshop with a handful of employees. Today, it has a production hall of 4,500 square metres with around 200 employees and an annual turnover of eight billion forints. In two decades, the company, which manufactures machine parts and components, has become an integral part of the Debrecen economy, is also known as a major sponsor of sports and plays a very active role in dual training. All this was recognised by a certificate from the city council. 

“At present, more than fifty students are studying here in the framework of dual training and the children are trained jointly with the Debrecen Vocational Training Centre,” Deputy Mayor Lajos Barcsa said. This is a real success story, as currently a third of their colleagues have found a job here after leaving school.

On the occasion of the company’s twentieth birthday, it was announced that Manz intends to participate in the Phoenix Housing Programme’s discounted employee rental housing scheme. In addition, the company is expected to have a new parent company and, following the change of ownership, plans are to expand the site with an 8,000 square metre production hall and a 1,200 square metre office building.

“Our production hall capacity will triple, and the number of employees will also increase significantly, approximately doubling at our company. We will also grow significantly in terms of added value, as we will move from the current assembled units to the level of fully assembled, complete, commissioned machines,” Managing Director Csaba Juhász  emphasised.

With the planned capacity expansion, machine manufacturer Manz can become one of the most important employers in Debrecen.


Author: Debrecen4U